Saturday, May 11, 2013

Astro Technicals for May 13 to 17 2013

Fuelled by Global buoyancy which manifested as FII buying, Nifty continued its climb towards a crest known only to her!
Our astro time band expected for a reversal is May 08 to 15, so next week is to be watched keenly.Since the weekly closing is in a strong mode, we simply continue to hold on to our trailing stop losses, watching for signs of a lower high- lower low formation and a break of 6046 on a closing basis.
Iam reproducing the chart with the lunar notations and dasa periods. We had, in the post,

expected that Nifty may reverse in the Mars sookshma period, failing which it will happen in the Rahu sookshma period.Mars sookshma  is upto May 15 and Rahu sookshma then takes over till June 17th.
Since other aspro aspects are getting bunched up for effects between May 08 to 15, next week assumes added significance.

As per Gann and Fibo,Gann line violation could happen around 6046-if Nifty closes below it. All plausible retracement levels have been indicated here.

Here is a collection of steep rises in Nifty, in the past few years.All instances in the past were trend changers.
Happy and safe trading !


  1. Good Morning Suresh Ji.
    Thanks for this nice post once again.

    Amit Sharma

  2. Amit, my pleasure. And thank you for your constant encouragement!

    Warm Regards


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  4. Sureshji
    Thanks for the nice posting
    Thanks for the Astro tutorials
    I request to kindly give an elaborated posting on the declinations and the effects of max and min dec and parellel and contra parellel and crossings etc as Posted in Nov2012 but in a more detailed manner Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Rama

      I shall cover it in the tutorials.

      Thanks and Regards


  5. Sureshji
    In ur Posting dt Apr28 u said "Moon at maximum Latitude, happening on May 03rd"
    but min declination is -20.81 on April 29 which is as apigee and it crosses equator on 6 th,and i am unable to understand the statement can u plz elaborate?

  6. Dear Rama
    There are four Lunar effects of importance for market movements.
    They are
    1. Moon Phases- Full Moon New Moon etc
    2. Moon Latitude: Moon moves in a path which is at an angle to the earth`s orbital path.So Moon appears to reach a high point on one side of the ecliptic and then goes down to the other side and reaches a maximum point before turning back.These dates seem to have an effect on the markets.
    3. Declination is another Lunar phenomena connected with Moon`s path around the Earth
    4. Apogee is when Moon is at its greatest distance from the Earth and Perigee is when Moon is at its closest to the Earth.
    Now Moon is linked to the Mind and is known to have effects on the human beings which result in specific kind of actions. Market moves are nothing but collective action by human beings under the influence of the Moon.
    By nature, Moon is a fast moving planet and hence its effects are short term. If larger planets are operating behind then they will tend to influence the effects of the Moon.
    So May o3rd was a Moon Latitude day. If you notice Nifty closed in the red. The trend did not continue because powerful planets are coming closer to form a big aspect.
    Who is coming closer to cause such a big move in all indices around the globe? Well Uranus and Pluto are about to form a square on May 21, 2013. Long term planets tend to come closer a long time before they actually form the aspect and during the time their effects will be in vogue. This is especially made potent because it is the middle signature in a seven aspect series between these two planets. Moreover, Jupiter is in the final leg of Taurus. When Jupiter is in Mrigasira star with Uranus and Pluto forming a star, we have seen a blow off in equity markets followed by a sell off.
    Now in the time taken for formation,other smaller aspects will have effects but may be smaller or less potent in comparison.
    Hope I have cleared your doubts?