Friday, May 3, 2013

Astro Technicals May 03 2013

With retracing more than 80% of the fall from 6111.80, Nifty has officially begun the wave B. We are in the first leg A. So far A has behaved like an elongated zig zag.I suspect Wave B could be a complex correction involving triangles.
But that is jumping the gun. All we need now is to have a tight, trailing stop loss and lock the gains. Let Nifty reverse. We will see then.
In the previous posts we saw how Nifty is entering a reversal zone from an astro point of view. I still do not know how big the reversal is going to be..if it happens immediately.

The red arcs have proved to be reversal points in the past. Question is, will history repeat itself?


  1. I have heard voices from seniors (not like Sukhani and Tulsian) in Market that 5480 can be seen. What do u feel tekkie?

  2. Dear Mandar
    I suspect we are in Wave A of wave B.Iam expecting wave B of B to commence now.Since wave was a big upmove this wave B could be downwards anything between 23.6 to 38.2% retracement of wave A.Then we should have wave C of wave A which should take us higher, close to or greater than 6112.Wave B from 5478 could also be a huge triangle or any other complex correction.In that case the current upmove can only be the first leg of such a formation and this entire wave B could consume a lot of time.If this wave B forms an irregular flat also we could see much higher prices.Only after that in June or July do I expect wave C of B to commence and that could take the index much lower than even 5000 and could bottom out in Feb or March 2014.This is as things stand today and is subject to changes as time progresses.
    Best Regards