Friday, August 2, 2013

Mercury Sookshma

Nifty`s Saturn Sookshma ends on August 03, 08:37:07 Hrs and then on till August 29, 2013,05:31:51 hrs, it is Mercury Sookshma in Venus Antara, Venus Bhukti and of course Rahu Dasa.
What has been the past record?

In 2003, we see the downward trend changed exactly on the onset of Mercury Sookshma.

During Jupiter Bhukti,Venus Antara and Saturn Sookshma in 2005, market bottomed out and reversed upwards. 

In 2008 January to February 21, the market goes through two way movements during Saturn Sookshma and declines to form a bottom, after Mercury Sookshma.

During Mercury Bhukti, Saturn Sookshma, market forms a bottom and the rise gets pronounced during Mercury Sookshma.

Ketu Sookshma last year see a declining trend during Mercury  Sookshma.
So we reach August 2013.there is every likelihood of a market reverse to the upside. For the Nifty, my bet is, it may go upto 5940 or thereabouts.