Thursday, June 27, 2013

Effects of Vimshottari dasa periods in Nifty

From June 11 to July 05 2013, Nifty is going through Rahu Dasa-Venus Bhukti- Venus Antara- Jupiter Sookshma.
I had examined some of the previous periods of Venus Antara- Jupiter Sookshma.
It looks quite interesting.....

In strong trending markets. either the Jupiter peak is formed towards the fag end of the Sookshma period or it takes place in Saturn Sookshma, which follows next.
Invariably Saturn Sookshma always gives a big decline.
When the trend is about to end, then in the middle of Jupiter Sookshma itself we see important trend reversals.A case in point, All time High of Nifty on  08 January 2008.
During flattish and downward trends, we see one or more counter trends, but is always followed by a significant decline when Saturn Sookshma begins.

Let us look at the current situation...

What do we observe?
1. Already one counter up move is complete.
2. Currently the market is in the second upmove.
3. This can last up to July 05, when Saturn Sookshma starts.
4. Post July 05, in Saturn Sookshma, we can expect a good down move.

Amazingly this fits very well with the Mercury  retro study posted earlier.
Let us commit our money, as per the ongoing trend and the keep our fingers crossed...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mercury Retrograde and Direct Stations, while in Gemini

Mercury has an interesting effect on our markets, while it becomes retrograde and direct, in Gemini. Especially with Jupiter nearby.

Have a look across history...

Do we see a pattern? All the examples are when Mercury goes retro involving Gemini in some way..

Let us fast forward to 2013...

So we wait and watch...
And follow Nifty!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Astro Technicals June 24 to 28 2013

Well, what a week!
Two developments took the sails out of all kinds of markets-Ben Bernanke hinted that QEs will be reigned in. And China came up with disappointing eco numbers and all asset classes tanked this week.
Frankly I was expecting some more up moves before a market turn but the market gods had other ideas.
This brings about an alternative count of the waves in Nifty...

As per Neowave, if Wave B retraces 100-123.6% of wave A, then  there is every chance that wave B could be completely retraced..

July 04 or thereabouts looks like a likely date. We can see the current wave C impulsing down.That makes us be in wave 5. Technically wave 5 could also elongate. We will have to wait and see.

Astrologically,we first look at the lunar synchronization..

We see a possibility of a two day reversal upto June 26..We may see a bounce later today which could last till June 26 after which the main trend resumes.
Talking of the main trend, look how the divergence on weekly charts had played out...It is not yet complete.

Coming back to astro considerations,for Nifty Futures, Jupiter is the sub lord of six, nine and twelfth houses.Mercury and Venus additionally define Nifty movements. Let us examine Jupiter movements in detail. We first look at how Nifty behaved, when Jupiter was in the same section of sky in the past..that is in 2001-02.
Here is the micro movement chart...

What do we broadly observe? We see that when Jupiter is in Mars star, in Taurus and Gemini,the market tops out and the bottom is seen when Jupiter reaches Rahu star. In fact during this period, we see the bottom formation, when Jupiter is in Rahu star and Moon sub.And the next high happens when Jupiter is in Jupiter star itself in a retro fashion...
Let us fast forward to 2013...

We see history repeating.. When Nifty hit 6229.45, Jupiter was in Mars star, Jupiter sub.Jupiter will enter Rahu star only by July 01, 2013.In fact by July 08, Jupiter will be in Rahu star, Jupiter sub. We see in 2001, August, a similar combination brought about a recovery. This time we also have a Grand trine forming- Jupiter trine Neptune trine Saturn, by July 17, 2013. So by July 08 itself, we may expect Nifty to bottom out and start a new uptrend. In the Fibonacci retracement chart, we saw 100% retracement to happen post July 04, 2013. So this time zone has to be specially watched.
For better clarity
, here is the micro movement chart for Jupiter in 2013...
 We continue to expect that the present trend can turn around only when Jupiter enters Rahu July 01, 2013.
In fact there are two important aspectarian events coming up..
Here is the first one...

Jupiter and Mars will trine Neptune and Saturn. Suddenly everything will appear rosy.. We will see a pick up of confidence across the world. Markets may rebound and solutions to problems will appear in sight..All this during the run up to July 17, 2013.
Here is the second signature...

Between August 06 and 11, Jupiter will square Pluto and then will square Uranus. Jupiter will also trine Rahu, which will be in a 150 position to Uranus. The euphoria of the past month will vanish and we will be back to the harsh realities of life.
Nevertheless all of these will provide wonderful trading opportunities which we need to carefully encash.
Before I conclude this post, let me draw your attention to two other important subjects..
1. Please re visit the tabulation in this post dated June 12, 2013:
Iam posting the relevant sections again here..We see the prominence of the dates surrounding June 20 to 25..This suggests that longer term cycles are now culminating.

First Planet
Second Planet
May 12 to July 27
Central Time band of this aspect is 37-38 days from May 12, which is around June 20.This corresponds to a longer term cycle crest from which prices decline sharply for 1 or 2 years. So we need to look out for crest formation by June 20 or thereabouts for long term cycle declines. 
Waxing Square
April 18 to June 28 ( 72 days)
Central time band of this aspect is from May 20 to 24. Nifty hit a top on May 20, at 6229.45.This also leads to huge declines as seen in 1876.
Waxing Square
May 25 to 28
Trough formation in nine trading days- by June 06/07.
Waning trine
June 06 to 09
Trough formation in 5 to 12 trading days.        ( June 14 to 25)
Waxing Square
June 12 to 14
Trough formation in 9 trading days, around June 25

In other words, we are undergoing structural changes. The low interest regime of the developed world is coming to a close.This is the main reason for the bond market crash. It has only just begun.Markets are going to readjust to this reality in the days and months to come.
2. The second aspect from a short term point of view, is that of Mercury becoming retrograde.This often portends a short term reversal in the market. So let us be vigilant.

In a nutshell, we expect the market to continue the downtrend. There may be a short bounce within a day or two. It is expected to be short lived. We can continue to sell on rises.A more definite turn is expected post July 04, 2013. 
Uncertainty and volatility are at its peak..
Trade carefully and safely.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

USD INR June 19 2013

In the medium term, rupee  is beginning a new Impulse wave which can take it beyond 65.In the short term it may retrace to 57 levels.
Medium term depreciation of the rupee could correspond to the downward Diametric E wave in Nifty.

Astro Technicals for June 19, 2013

Once again we see diversity ruling roost- The American markets are getting higher, the European markets are mixed and Asian markets seem to be confused.
US Markets continue to respond to the underlying improvements in the US Economy- Real Estate markets seem to be gaining traction, which can directly contribute to improving employment in the US.
Mr. Draghi has once again reiterated that he is willing to back up further in the European sector- they simply are desperate for some indications of  growth.
USD INR movements continue to dictate terms  in our markets...
Yet there is some reason to believe that one last leg up remains..5908 to 5960 seems to be an important over head resistance, meeting of  which can witness a b of C leg unfolding.Even if some selling emerges, it will only push Nifty along the natural angle.An uptrend up to June 24 seems to be on the cards.Volatility is quite high and sudden turns seem to happen abruptly

Over to you Ben!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Astro Technicals for S&P,the leader of the pack!

All eyes are on Ben Bernanke. His utterances after FOMC shall decide the immediate directions of the Financial Markets.
Let us look at the technical picture...

It has fallen behind the 45* line, but is holding up. Overhead resistance is at 1680 and support is way below, at 1540.
It is at an inflexion point.
Let us see if astro gives us some clues...

Yellow chart outside is Natal and inner white chart is of the transits.We see that the transiting Jupiter has just formed a trine with natal Jupiter.Jupiter is lord of the 6th and 9th and is currently in the 11th. All positive houses.  Moreover, transiting Jupiter is forming a conjunction with the Sun and both are about to trine natal Neptune, which is at 6*49'.This is again positive.

So possibly Ben may assure the markets tomorrow and we could see another flare up.

It should be interesting to wait and watch..
Please play only according to the market moves and not in an anticipatory fashion.

Astro Technicals June 17 2013

We all know that the market moves in cycles. There are long term cycles and short term cycles.If astro aspects also influence the markets then the cycles and the aspects must have something in common. Just an attempt to understand how the cycles behaved,in the past,   along with astro aspects, by itself is a fascinating area of research.
In my own humble way, here is a small exploration as to how cycles could behave in the near future..

The uptrend from 5477 had three parts to it.12 days, 10 and 8 days. The last small cycle see a crest formation at 6229.45.So the cmall cycle is counted in the down turn as well. We then see a larger cycle of 14 days which had brought the price down to 5683.10.Currently we are seeing the next cycle unfold..
Now comes the tricky part..How will it unfold?
We turn to Financial Astrology for some guidance..
1. We know from our observations seen in                     
that the immediate declinations and aspects will lead to a turn post June 24.So the current rise could take a pause at that time.Could that be a wave of C?
2. June 24, is when we have transiting Venus conjunct natal Rahu in Cancer. This has always lead to a reversal. So could we see a small crest being formed and prices drifting downwards.
3. June 26 to July 20 is Mercury retrograde period.  So by July 02, 2013, downward drift could cease and price could move up as c of C.
4. Central time band of Mercury retrograde is around July 08/09.Sun is trine Neptune and Saturn on June 26th and this signature has its time band also as July 08/09.So we could see an important crest formation by July 08/09.
5.  July 15 is Saturn trine Jupiter. July 18 is Neptune trine Jupiter.So we could expect a secondary bottom by around August 5, with the first bottom, soon after July 22, when the retrograde period of Mercury ends.
So these are the postulates. Even if Nifty does not follow this path, we are sure to learn a lot from Nifty`s movements in this time band.

Looking at the current price movement, 5888-5900 seems to be  the first level of resistance.

Here is a look at the Hourly...

We notice that apart from 5900, we should also look at 6050.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Astro Technicals June 17 to 21, 2013

After falling consistently from 6133 levels of May 30, Nifty had formed an island reversal on June 14, 2013. which is very much within our expected time band.Several astro signatures were indicating such a phenomenon.Technically also this could mark the end of b wave of B and the reversal could begin c wave of wave B.We have completed 44 days of major wave B. Wave A had consumed 49 days from its perch downturn levels of 6111.80 of January 29, 2013.So in another 5 days of trading we will reach equality time wise with wave A.
Let us look at the declination charts....

   We see the weekend of June 23 seems to have a culmination of several celestial aspects- Minimum Lunar declination, Jupiter on extreme declination,Full Moon, Moon at Perigee and Moon at Maximum Latitude.
Also the bullish traits of Saturn trine Venus and Venus trine Rahu would have played out by June 24 and the negativism of Sun conjunct Jupiter will start to play out post June 24.
If you had followed our previous posts you would notice that we expect major cyclical turns to happen post June 20, caused by Saturn Neptune trine. We also know that Jupiter in Gemini is not very positive. So everything points out to one more up move before the global markets turn down decisively.
Of course it will not be in one straight down move- and there will be several interesting upsides.
If there is an up move what are the levels possible?

 Island reversal represents a possible end of the downturn from 6229 levels.6050, 6100 and 6200 are the levels of resistance the cycles indicate.

If we observe the above Astro Chart, we can see that all our regular planets are on one side of Rahu Ketu axis. In other words all day to day planets are inside the yellow coloured area.This formation is known as Kala Sarpa Yoga and this does not bode well for Nifty`s valuations.This indicates a medium term negative period in the offing.
Within the yellow area, we also notice that Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all in Gemini. This indicates heavy volatility and uncertain movements. Preservation of capital must be the utmost concern now. Profits can always be made, if adequate capital is available.
So please trade utmost carefully. Have tight stop losses. If he trade is going against you, refrain from trading immediately. Allow the planetary situations to change before attempting the next trade.Remeber Moon moves in a sign for 2.5 days. So if you face consistent losses, refrain from trading for three days and then start afresh. Market will always have opportunities.

Happy trading!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Astro Technicals June week-02, 2013

We had mentioned in this space before, that 2013, is the year for large planets to form planetary aspects which can cause long term effects in all spheres of our lives.Please see the link for a detailed explanation of the various long term planetary effects in store for the next three months.

What is important to note is that these long term effects begin now.We are already witnessing turmoils in commodity spaces, currencies and the bond markets. Before long every other market also will be subject to these planetary diktats.
Two of the most important right now are shown in italics in the tabulation below. Saturn Neptune trine can be the long term catalyst for the other planetary square, Uranus-Pluto to be activated.

First Planet
Second Planet
May 12 to July 27
Central Time band of this aspect is 37-38 days from May 12, which is around June 20.This corresponds to a longer term cycle crest from which prices decline sharply for 1 or 2 years. So we need to look out for crest formation by June 20 or thereabouts for long term cycle declines. 
Waxing Square
April 18 to June 28 ( 72 days)
Central time band of this aspect is from May 20 to 24. Nifty hit a top on May 20, at 6229.45.This also leads to huge declines as seen in 1876.
Waxing Square
May 25 to 28
Trough formation in nine trading days- by June 06/07.
Waning trine
June 06 to 09
Trough formation in 5 to 12 trading days.        ( June 14 to 25)
Waxing Square
June 12 to 14
Trough formation in 9 trading days, around June 25
June 11 to 13
Watch 2 days preceding and succeeding. Possibility of reversal.
Waxing Square
June 06 to June 10
Powerful reversal within 7 trading days. Within 18 June

The only known record of a Uranus Pluto square and its effect on markets is reproduced below...
We can see that in 1876-77, Jupiter and Saturn were also in the picture forming a square and being square to the Uranus Pluto axis. This time round Saturn and Jupiter are forming a trine, which makes us assume that there is hope for an ultimate turn around in the world situation after a significant decline. 
The aspects formed by Sun, Venus and Mars with the slow moving planets, all point out to a trough formation between June 11 to 18. 

Here is a chart on the cyclical expectation of an impending long term decline...
 It seems to point out to 5300 levels by the first quarter of 2014.

Zooming in on the situation right now,

Venus Antara-Rahu Sookshma ended yesterday, on June 11, 2013. We are expecting a bounce up in Jupiter sookshma before a clear cut decline commences.
Wave wise, B of Wave B, is seeking to achieve 61.8% retracement from 6229 levels.5750 to 64 is an important level to watch out for.
 The hourly cycles also point out to end of the current decline- but then these are all just suppositions.
Let us wait for the market to point out the way ahead.The moving averages are all pointing downwards. Let them turn up before we cover the shorts.
Happy trading.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Astro Technicals June 06 2013

Last week we had commented about the extreme declinations / distances of Neptune, Mars and Venus for Jaune 04,05 and 06 and expected a change in trend.What had actually happened is that the extremities only slowed down the fall, allowing Nifty to undergo full time correction.
 As can be seen from the chart, Wave A of B had consumed 26 trading days, while wave B of B has so far consumed 13 trading days, that is achieving 50% time correction.50% price correction from 6229.45 comes to 5853 and Nifty has so far done 5869.So the current down trend seems maturing.
Astrologically our observation of Nifty behaviour in Rahu Sookshma and Jupiter Sookshma is that closer to the end of Rahu Sookshma, Nifty changes direction and moves up in Jupiter Sookshma before turning down decisively. This elusive upmove may materialise now.Lunar aspects are bunching up towards the weekend and that is one more indication of a reversal.
Let us constantly keep in mind that with Jupiter leaving Taurus, the long term trend is about to change fully for a while.
Having said this let us look at the technicals. If we only consider the price action, post 5477.20 low of
April 10, 2013, then we are in wave B.A leg of such a wave was completed at 6229.45.The current downtrend is wave B of the larger B.This leg has not even reached 50%. It can do a time or price correction of 61.8% at the least, to be a normal B wave.Price wise 61.8% comes to 5764 and time wise it is June 12/13.This time zone also  is to be carefully watched.
To conclude:
1.Currently we are in No Man's land.Since 50% time correction is over, we may expect a reversal. If so it should rise up to 6100, the bottom portion of the 45 degree line.
2. If   Nifty drifts lower or bounces along without any meaningful movement, then she is aiming for the 61.8% correction either price wise or time wise.
3.The C wave upwards which could follow, could move up to 6100+ levels.

Trading without stop losses in such an environment is suicidal.

In this hourly chart, Nifty can be seen hobnobbing with the 50% downline. If it overcomes, then the next is the 75% downline....

Here is an update of the circular chart.The current downtrend could die if the Index comes out of the arc. It is quite close to it. Any sudden fall may have support around the 5900 line first followed by 5800 line..

The circulars also seem to indicate the 5800 price line as important.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nifty Long and Short Term

Gold June 2013

Gold is impulsing down. Immediate up moves
may be used to short again, with adequate stop losses.

Jupiter in Gemini

The Great Benefic, Jupiter has moved out of Taurus and into Gemini on May 31.He will remain in Gemini till June 18, 2014.He will travel direct for six months and become retrograde on November 07, 2013.He will be retrograde till March 06, 2014 and will resume direct motion on March 07, 2014.On June 18, 2014, he will leave Gemini for good.
As I had been reiterating in several posts long before this event, Jupiter had managed to maintain the uptrend till he moved out of Taurus.
How will his journey in Gemini be?
Unlike stable Taurus, Gemini is a changeable sign. It is Airy and is ruled by the dualistic Mercury.No stability of trend may be expected.Jupiter will be in Mars star till June 29,thereafter in Rahu star.Rahu will be in Jupiter star then which would lead to Parivathana. Since Jupiter and Rahu are also moving towards a trine we may see markets recovering in July 2013.Jupiter will be in Rahu star till August 31, 2013.After that Jupiter will be in its own star till the end of its tenure in Gemini. By November 07, Jupiter will become retrograde. From the third week of October we must be on guard for a major trend change.Jupiter becomes direct on March 07, 2014, which is another trend change movement.
All in all we should expect high volatility with a huge trading range to develop.  

Let us look at how Jupiter in Gemini had been in the past....

It should be a great time for traders with Jupiter in Gemini.

Astro Technicals for June 03 to 07 2013

On May 26th, this is what we had written...
"On May 27th, for Nifty futures,
Jupiter,Mercury and Venus are conjunct with Natal Sun and Venus.
Mars is conjunct with Natal Jupiter.
Sun trines Natal Neptune
Venus trines Natal Uranus.
Mars trines Natal Ketu.
Uranus trines Natal Pluto
Rahu trines Natal Mercury
Saturn alone squares Neptune
On May 29th, Mercury conjuncts with Natal Mars and trines Natal Moon.
On May 31, Venus also trines Natal Moon.
At least to me it looks that Nifty`s planets are mostly positive with some negativity only towards the weekend."
Nifty traced out the planetary diktats exactly as expected...
What is in store for the week ahead?

Jupiter has left Taurus for good..He has moved into Gemini. The uptrend which he was protecting since May 17, 2012, till May 31, 2012, now is unguarded and is food for bears. Going into details for the short term, Rahu Sookshma will end on June 11, 2013.On June 03, Rahu becomes direct instead of the customary retro motion. This could signify a reversal.This continues till June 06.On June 04, 05 and 06, three important planets are either a achieving distance or declinations.So a powerful reversal of the downtrend is on the cards.Early next week  between June 10 to 13, we have other lunar aspects crowding together such as New Moon, maximum declination, Apogee position,and minimum 

Latitude.So our expectation is an uptrend from June 03, sees a blip on June 06 and then climbs into a crowded Lunar situation between June 10 and 13.Incidentally, from June 11, we have Venus Antara Jupiter Sookshma..
How has Jupiter sookshma behaved in the past?

Let us see a few examples....

Every time we had seen the market rise one more time in Jupiter sookshma.Shall we expect the same once again now?