Monday, June 24, 2013

Astro Technicals June 24 to 28 2013

Well, what a week!
Two developments took the sails out of all kinds of markets-Ben Bernanke hinted that QEs will be reigned in. And China came up with disappointing eco numbers and all asset classes tanked this week.
Frankly I was expecting some more up moves before a market turn but the market gods had other ideas.
This brings about an alternative count of the waves in Nifty...

As per Neowave, if Wave B retraces 100-123.6% of wave A, then  there is every chance that wave B could be completely retraced..

July 04 or thereabouts looks like a likely date. We can see the current wave C impulsing down.That makes us be in wave 5. Technically wave 5 could also elongate. We will have to wait and see.

Astrologically,we first look at the lunar synchronization..

We see a possibility of a two day reversal upto June 26..We may see a bounce later today which could last till June 26 after which the main trend resumes.
Talking of the main trend, look how the divergence on weekly charts had played out...It is not yet complete.

Coming back to astro considerations,for Nifty Futures, Jupiter is the sub lord of six, nine and twelfth houses.Mercury and Venus additionally define Nifty movements. Let us examine Jupiter movements in detail. We first look at how Nifty behaved, when Jupiter was in the same section of sky in the past..that is in 2001-02.
Here is the micro movement chart...

What do we broadly observe? We see that when Jupiter is in Mars star, in Taurus and Gemini,the market tops out and the bottom is seen when Jupiter reaches Rahu star. In fact during this period, we see the bottom formation, when Jupiter is in Rahu star and Moon sub.And the next high happens when Jupiter is in Jupiter star itself in a retro fashion...
Let us fast forward to 2013...

We see history repeating.. When Nifty hit 6229.45, Jupiter was in Mars star, Jupiter sub.Jupiter will enter Rahu star only by July 01, 2013.In fact by July 08, Jupiter will be in Rahu star, Jupiter sub. We see in 2001, August, a similar combination brought about a recovery. This time we also have a Grand trine forming- Jupiter trine Neptune trine Saturn, by July 17, 2013. So by July 08 itself, we may expect Nifty to bottom out and start a new uptrend. In the Fibonacci retracement chart, we saw 100% retracement to happen post July 04, 2013. So this time zone has to be specially watched.
For better clarity
, here is the micro movement chart for Jupiter in 2013...
 We continue to expect that the present trend can turn around only when Jupiter enters Rahu July 01, 2013.
In fact there are two important aspectarian events coming up..
Here is the first one...

Jupiter and Mars will trine Neptune and Saturn. Suddenly everything will appear rosy.. We will see a pick up of confidence across the world. Markets may rebound and solutions to problems will appear in sight..All this during the run up to July 17, 2013.
Here is the second signature...

Between August 06 and 11, Jupiter will square Pluto and then will square Uranus. Jupiter will also trine Rahu, which will be in a 150 position to Uranus. The euphoria of the past month will vanish and we will be back to the harsh realities of life.
Nevertheless all of these will provide wonderful trading opportunities which we need to carefully encash.
Before I conclude this post, let me draw your attention to two other important subjects..
1. Please re visit the tabulation in this post dated June 12, 2013:
Iam posting the relevant sections again here..We see the prominence of the dates surrounding June 20 to 25..This suggests that longer term cycles are now culminating.

First Planet
Second Planet
May 12 to July 27
Central Time band of this aspect is 37-38 days from May 12, which is around June 20.This corresponds to a longer term cycle crest from which prices decline sharply for 1 or 2 years. So we need to look out for crest formation by June 20 or thereabouts for long term cycle declines. 
Waxing Square
April 18 to June 28 ( 72 days)
Central time band of this aspect is from May 20 to 24. Nifty hit a top on May 20, at 6229.45.This also leads to huge declines as seen in 1876.
Waxing Square
May 25 to 28
Trough formation in nine trading days- by June 06/07.
Waning trine
June 06 to 09
Trough formation in 5 to 12 trading days.        ( June 14 to 25)
Waxing Square
June 12 to 14
Trough formation in 9 trading days, around June 25

In other words, we are undergoing structural changes. The low interest regime of the developed world is coming to a close.This is the main reason for the bond market crash. It has only just begun.Markets are going to readjust to this reality in the days and months to come.
2. The second aspect from a short term point of view, is that of Mercury becoming retrograde.This often portends a short term reversal in the market. So let us be vigilant.

In a nutshell, we expect the market to continue the downtrend. There may be a short bounce within a day or two. It is expected to be short lived. We can continue to sell on rises.A more definite turn is expected post July 04, 2013. 
Uncertainty and volatility are at its peak..
Trade carefully and safely.


  1. Sureshji

    Really looking for your insights. Thanks a lot. Your analysis is wholesome and means a lot to me

    Kannan Srinivas

    1. Dear Kannan
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  2. Hi Suresh ,

    can also look for NEW MT DECLINE from 6229 as a 3wave Y or a 5wave C

    more power to bears below 5400 NS

  3. Dear Shriram,

    Agreed. I would expect a pause first around 5477, the previous low.

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