Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nifty through India`s Independence Chart

Nifty Weekly Astro Technicals May 28 to June 01, 2012

The most powerful astro theme in focus in June is going to be the coming Square of Uranus and Pluto.Uranus stands for the principle of sudden and unexpected change,explosive action and large scale revolutionary movements. Uranus is placed in the cardinal sign of Aries, which is known for aggression and violent results.Pluto is an even more powerful planet which stands for large scale debt, taxes,reforms, deceptive activity of corporate and  Government bodies and irreversible huge changes in the society.All the present upheavals seen in global markets is a result of this upcoming signature.In the past, it has been seen that powerful troughs are formed when this waxing square becomes exact.Generally this signature heralds a period of great fear and panic in the markets.Since it is a waxing square and not a waning one,long term effects of this signature is expected to be positive for the world.

Nifty Astro technicals May 28 to June 01, 2012

May 28 to June 01, 2012
(Based on Sayana Positions of Planets)
Planetary Aspects
Lunar effects
Short Term
Long term
May 28, 2012-Monday
Moon crosses the Equator from North to South. At 11.36.24 am, Moon moves into Virgo, from Leo.
Sun, Venus and Mercury continue to be in Gemini till the weekend.
By 9.15 am, Mercury Sun conjunction
Uranus Sun sextile
Uranus Mercury sextile
Pluto Sun quincunx
Pluto Mercury quincunx
By 3.30 pm, additionally, Neptune opposes Moon
Uranus-Pluto square-will be exact on June 24, Sunday at 14:38:49 Hrs.
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012.
As a result of Mars trine Pluto formation and Venus retrograde station, May 25th to June05th was the time band expected for a low to form and a market reversal to occur. Interestingly, Nifty had started moving up from May 23 onwards, from 4803.
So Nifty could hold up till mid-morning, possibly have a go at 4954 and then slip down into red territory.
May 29, 2012-Tuesday
Moon crosses the Equator from North to South. North and South Nodes of the Moon start becoming direct, from their customary retrograde movement.   First quarter Moon in Virgo, throughout the trading day.
By 9.15 am, Ascendant squares Saturn.
Moon conjuncts Mars.
Moon and Mercury are square to each other.
Uranus Sun sextile
By 3.30 pm Venus trines the Ascendant. Mercury- Moon square is off.

Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Negativity could continue with a base formation attempted towards the last hour of trading.
May 30, 2012-Wednesday
Nodes are direct. Moon in Virgo throughout.
9.15 AM: Jupiter trines the Moon. Moon-Mars conjunction is over. Sun- Uranus sextile continues throughout. Will be over today.
Ascendant squares Saturn.
 Mars and Mercury square each other throughout the trading session.
 Pluto –Sun quincunx continues.
03.30 pm: Venus trines the Ascendant.
Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Positive opening expected. Weakness afterwards and towards the close.
May 31, 2012-Thursday
Nodes are direct. Moon moves to Libra. Mercury, Sun and Retro Venus continue in Gemini.Libra Moon could sometimes cause a change in market direction, but depends on the other larger planetary overhang- negative or positive.
9.15 am: Moon trines Sun.
Moon squares Pluto.
Sun-Pluto quincunx continues.
Mercury-Mars square continues.
Saturn squares Ascendant.
By 15.30 Hrs: Venus trines Ascendant. Pluto –Moon square is off. Mercury-Mars square starts waning. Moon trines Mercury.

Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Expected to begin normally, improve a little bit and then and then weaken.
June 01, 2012-Friday
Nodes are direct. Moon continues in Libra till week end.
9.15 am: Moon conjunct Saturn.
Both Moon and Saturn square the Ascendant. Mercury-Mars square is over.
15.30 Hrs: Apart from the long term negative aspects, the only short term in focus is Jupiter quincunx Moon and Mercury conjunct Venus towards the end of the week.
Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Possibly towards the end of the week, Nifty could break down a support level.
The way the planets are aspecting   one another, Nifty could bounce between resistances and supports, in a trading range, with the trend having a decidedly downward bias. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nifty May 21-25-Weekly Astro picture

Lunar and Planetary aspects for May 21 to 25, 2012
May 20 is an annular solar eclipse day. Happening in India`s 12th house, is a cause of concern for the rupee. Overseas events ruled by 12th house will continue to dominate for some more time.
May 21 is a New Moon Day. It is also an Apogee Moon. Negativity of the Super Moon could temporarily reverse.
On May 21, 2.50 pm, Moon  conjuncts Ketu, opposes Rahu and forms a square with Neptune. Obviously the nodes are also square to Neptune.
Jupiter is QC to Saturn. Mercury also is QC to Saturn on May 21, 2012.Both will have a reducing effect on Nifty
Moon Nodes turn direct on May 22 and continue to be so till May 25.
Moon reaches its maximum North declination on May 22, 2012, Tuesday at 04.44 pm.May 22, seems to an important Lunar day.
For Venus retrograde station of May 16th, 4 trading days is the orb. This points out to a short term trough on May 22, 2012.
On May 22, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter,  when the market opens. Positive news flow can cause optimism.
Sun begins a square with Neptune today.
On May 23, 2012, Mercury starts moving away from Jupiter. Mercury qc with Saturn also is off. Rest aspects including Saturn Venus trine continues to operate. Actually the negative vibes seem to dominate on May 23, 2012. Either the optimism of the previous day evaporates and the market cools off or a decline begins again.  
On May 24th, negativity increases. Moon squares Uranus and Pluto. Sun conjuncts Ketu and opposes Rahu. This is all in addition to Neptune squaring up with the Nodes and the Pluto –Uranus power house square formation lurking in the back ground. Towards market closing hours Moon forms a sextile with Mars-reducing the pessimism a little bit.
On May 25th, Mercury also becomes square to Neptune.
On May 16th, Mars formed a waning trine with Pluto. Cycle culmination is within 7 trading days. May 25 th is the 7th trading day for this signature.
On May 17 we had retrograde Venus forming a trine with retrograde Saturn. The trough expected is within 5 to 12 trading days. May 25 is the 5th trading day and June 5th is the 12th trading day.
I plan to   wait for an up move on Monday, beyond 4928, to be long. There has been some positive noises out of G8.If it declines and turns up from 4800 also I will start becoming long. If the Nifty closes firmly, I will carry my baby bulls with me, home. If it reacts post 3 pm, I may liquidate my positions.
And take up fresh longs on Tuesday, just at the opening. Second half of the week, I prefer cave dwellers- those mountain grizzlies!

Nifty Daily May 21-25, 2012

May 18, 2012,brought in a powerful reversal even though Nifty fell through a gap when the market opened.Will the new moon continue this reverse? 

Nifty Weekly May 21-25 2012

While the weekly charts look decidedly bearish,the near term suggests a reversal. Whether a big one or a small affair, only time will tell.

Nifty Monthly May 21, 2012

The ghosts of 2008 are revisiting us again. What was a sub prime induced debt crisis has now metastasized into a bigger debt crisis involving sovereign debts and several nations seem threatened. While India was primarily not affected by the sub prime, we had failed to use the period of a slowing world growth to reduce risks to our current account by way of garnering better inflows of foreign exchange, whether in the form of FII or the more desirable FDI.
From a trader`s perspective this means the bear rally is over and the hibernating bears are awakening for a fresh onslaught on the markets.
Here are some monthly charts:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nifty Astro-Technicals May 14 to 18, 2012

Last week, the fault lay with the physician and not the medical science! My own inadequate understanding of clusters of geocosmic signatures and  the effect of orbs of trading days were one of the causes of some faulty conclusions. I hope to rectify these from this week onwards. My only consolation is that we have come quite a distance from the first blog days in terms of our understandings of the market from an astro technical point of view...

May 14 to 18, 2012
Lunar events:
Moon crosses the Equator from South to North on May 14th. This could signal a short term reversal of trend.
May 13th is the third quarter moon. One week before the New Moon. Since the Super Full Moon did not stop the down trend, it is sometimes seen that the next quarter moon could act as trend slowing factor, Super Moon (when the Full Moon coincides with Perigee-Moon being closest to the Earth, excitability could be at its highest. This could be one reason that the trend simply accelerated downwards past the Full Moon.
Moon will be the farthest from the Earth on May 19th.Excitability and volatility could be expected to be at its relative   lowest by the next weekend.
On May 13th to May 21, Moon`s True Nodes turn into their customary retrograde motion. This is also taken as a reversal indicator of price trends.
On May 14th and 15th, Moon is in Pisces with the Sun in Taurus.( Both are Sayana positions.) Markets could reverse direction for the short term, because of Pisces being a watery sign.
On May 16th, 17th and 18th, Moon is in Aries with Sun in Taurus. This also corresponds to a short term trend reversal from a trough.
So, most of the lunar aspects are indicating that a short term trend reversal is on the cards. But as traders, let us wait for the price action to confirm this probability. If the price closes above 4969, possibly we should watch closer to see whether shorts should be reduced.
May 14 to 18, 2012
Planetary Aspects:
The week begins with a powerful Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Sun has started separating from Jupiter in fact. Saturn is at an evil 150 * away from Sun and Jupiter. This could reduce the reversal effect, but it still may have a positive influence .Effect is generally in four trading days. This also seems to spell reversal.
On May 17th, Retrograde Saturn and Retrograde Venus form a waning trine ( 240*) from Gemini to Libra. Generally this correlates with longer cycles forming a trough. Effect is seen within 5 to 12 trading days. This could indicate markets rising this week only to weaken next week or the week after next into a trough, marking the end of a rather long weekly cycle which began on December 23, 2011. Current week is the 20th. Usually the cycle stays within 15 to 19 weeks. Since this cycle has expanded or elongated Iam wondering if any other underlying long term cycle is causing the distortion? After all we have some pretty strong signatures coming up in the rest of the month and in June 2012.
On May 16th, 2012, Mars forms a waning trine with Pluto. This is the return trine formation. In March, when the Grand Trine was formed, Mars was retro and Pluto was direct. Now it is vice versa. This also points out to a cycle culmination within 7 trading days. Especially, if prices are falling into this trine band. So observation meant for Venus-Saturn trine holds good here as well. See the price chart for better illustration.
Venus goes retrograde on May 16th.It becomes direct on June 28th, 2012. Generally Venus Retrograde suggests reversals from a crest formation but if prices are falling into the retrograde period, then troughs are also likely. Again 4 trading days is the orb. What is of significance is that several separate astrological aspects indicate a short term reversal from the current downward direction and then a bigger trough formation later in the month. (Price must confirm all of these observations. This is why I trade by my red and blue lines in my charts and wait to see these events unfolding, to add to my confidence.)
Critically, Uranus and Pluto have started to come closer. They will be within 2 degrees on May 17th, 2012.While I do not expect any immediate trading issues, economic and financial cycles of long term nature could get affected and the effects will start manifesting in the months to come. Saturn and Jupiter being in QC (150* apart) also weakens the investment climate.
As per KP,Ayanamsa, Saturn will retrograde into Virgo on May 17th, 2012. This backward motion of Saturn could cause pessimistic movements in the markets next week.
As per Vimshottari dasa, Venus Antara of Ketu Bhukthi, Rahu Maha dasa ends of May 17th. Up to June 06th it is Sun Antara. Sun is currently in the 10th as per transit. Towards the fag end of the Antara period, Sun will conjunct, natal Jupiter and also move into the 11th house of Nifty Futures chart. So closer to June 6th, maybe there will be some recovery after some fall before?  
In a nutshell, my take is to wait for the price to bottom out and turn up probably on Tuesday. Temporarily cut some shorts and ride the bull upwards, on double confirmation of prices, as suggested in other charts posted today.. Depending on price position on Friday, reduce the longs and exit all positions.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nifty -May 07 to 11, 2012

Lunar and Planetary Aspects May 07-12, 2012
·         Moon reaches its Southern declination and reverses upwards on May 07, 2012, Monday.
·         Moon`s declination crosses Mercury`s on May 09th and Neptune`s declination on May 11th, 2012.
·         Venus continues to be Out of Bounds for the whole month. This will increase Venusian energy and make the markets more volatile.
·         Moon will be full on Sunday, May 06th. It will be in a Perigee position (closest to Earth) on Sunday. This is called a Super Moon and probably this is why the world markets came down rather heavily on Friday, May 04th, the last trading day of last week.
·         Nodes are direct from May 08 to 12, 2012.
·         Rahu-Mars square having done its price damage last week are separating this week. By 09th May, this aspect is completely over.
·         Rahu trine Uranus and Ketu sextile Uranus however continues till end of the week.
·         On May 07, 2012, Mercury Saturn opposition would start waning. Venus trine Saturn will begin.
·         By 15.30 hrs, Moon will be trine Uranus and square Mars.
·         On May 08, market opens with a Sun-Moon quincunx.
·         May 07 & 08, Moon is in Sagittarius, Sun in Taurus, Mercury in Aries and Venus is in Gemini. This combo doesn`t qualify for a big reversal. But Sagittarian moon can increase volatility and range moves.
·         On May 09, positive aspects dominate. Moon trine   Mercury: Moon trine   Neptune: Venus trine Saturn. Moon moves into Capricorn. Volatility could reduce once again.
·         On May 10, Mars begins its trine with Pluto. The positive move of May 09 could continue.
·         May 11 and Jupiter begins a QC formation with Saturn.
·         As per Vimshottari Dasa system, Nifty is in Rahu Maha dasa-Ketu Bhukthi-Venus Antara and Mercury Sookshma, up to May 14th.Since Mercury is not a favourable planet for Nifty to make big positive moves, Nifty may not see any great reversals. All reversals talked about may only reduce the negativity. In net terms, Nifty could still be in negative territory, but off the lows of last week, by week end. 
·         In a nutshell, Nifty could move lower on Monday, reverse on Tuesday and continue upwards till Friday, where the magnitude of the up move is lesser than the previous week down move. May be 5279 will not be taken out, on the upside?