Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mars In Cancer July 31, 2015 to September 15, 2015

W.D Gann always considered Mars as an important planet as far as Financial Markets were concerned.Mars symbolises energy, both good and bad.( Mars has an elder brother with similar qualities, which is  Uranus).
Now Mars is about to enter Cancer on July 31, 2015. It shall pass through Cancer till September 15, 2015.Mars is considered debilitated in Cancer.
Let us see how our Nifty had behaved when Mars was in Cancer.
Iam not getting into detailed analyses here...just what happens when Mars enters Cancer.
On to some charts, then...

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Venus and Uranus retrograde July 2015

This month, Venus retrogrades on July 25 followed by Uranus retrograde Station on July 26th...

To see similar effects I had to travel back quite a distance.
Surprisingly simultaneous occurrences seem a rarity.
Chart 01:
Here Uranus retrogrades first followed by Venus. We see a 10 day delay in a top formation. We also see another top and then the powerful Pluto Uranus conjunction takes hold and pulls the market down.

Chart 02:
Here also Venus retrogrades first followed by a Uranus retrograde. Market fell into the retrograde and recovered on a new bullish move thereafter.

So we go by this second chart. We expect Nifty to fall into these retro stations and then recover post July 27.
Of course price has to confirm first.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It is funny!

It is funny to see several pundits suddenly discovering China today. According to them, Nifty had gone down today because of Chinese market rout.
Where were these people last week? Week before last?
No everyone was so wrapped up in Greece that they did not see China!
It is high time we understand that News does not move markets.
Markets move because of collective perceptions.
Collective perceptions are strongly influenced by planets, whether we believe or not..
So planets move markets.
In this space we have been consistently and systematically analysing market moves based on planetary movements. We then add other tools to arrive at some idea regarding the next move in the markets.
For example this is chart of Jupiter in Leo in the past two instances. Jupiter moves into Leo on July 14th.
    So what can we expect this time round?
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