Monday, July 30, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals July 30 to August 03, 2012

It is fascinating to see the beginnings of a tide change. Suddenly there are green shoots everywhere.

European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Dragh had come out with bold declarations that  the ECB will do “whatever it takes” to protect the euro zone from collapse.This has raised hopes that ECB will take steps such as large scale bond buying  equivalent actions which may start making risky assets look pretty..

The truth is that if we follow astro and technical indicators diligently we may reach conclusions which do not depend on dramatic declarations from Politicians or Central Bankers.

Astro Indicators are pointing to the upcoming week as a good buying week,  followed by a week beginning August  06 to 13 which seems to have some bearish tendencies.In a previous post we had indicated that the planetary reversal signals seem to fall on the July 31 time band. It is interesting to note that our Reserve Bank will meet on July 31 and Fed`S FOMC will meet on August 01, to consider their respective monetary policies.

August 02 IS A Moon day and a Full Moon day to boot. We mat expect a reversal downwards then which could spill over into the next day, because  Saturn and Mars declinations meet up on August 03, which could bring a reduction in the prevailing optimism.

The other planetary positions are represented here:

And a look at the technical picture:

Our estimate of the bigger picture...

2 should end by August 17, after which the next impulse wave should open higher, taking Nifty into the 5500 range, starting with 3 of C of  D. 

It is worthwhile to remember that these bull talk, is happening with a back drop of Uranus square Pluto.And exploding debts related issues can never be resolved by printing more money.
Since we  we are in the Mercury retrograde period, Nifty may not reach target positions before the market reverses. So let us take our money and run, as and when we move into  profitable positions.

As always allow the price to dictate directons. Let us merely follow.  
Have a wonderful week of trading

Friday, July 27, 2012

Nifty -A unique performance

Look at the world markets today- July 26/  2012.....

Nifty alone closed in the red.All markets obeyed the lunar reversal quite diligently..
The astrological reason specific to Nifty....Transit Saturn square Natal Rahu.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nifty Astro technicals July 25- Midweek review

Nifty has been matching our expectations faithfully for the past few days July 26 is a lunar reversal date.Astrologically,Nifty may go up today and retrace today`s up move on July 27.Incidentally Transit Venus is about to conjunct Natal Venus in Taurus, in the eleventh house. Will it add strength to the upward reversal?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lunar aspects for the week July 23 to 27, 2012

As per tropical calculations, Moon is in Virgo on July 23.
In Libra, on July 24 and 25.
 In Scorpio, on July 26 and 27.
Sun and Retrograde Mercury continue to be in Leo, and Venus is in Gemini.
True Nodes are assuming direct motion for July 27 and 28. Thereafter they go back to their customary retrograde motion.
Here is the declination graph for July, with special emphasis for the last 10 days...

 Putting all short term lunar aspects together, and reading them alongwith the major aspects picture for July,
  •  Moon in Virgo with the Sun in Leo, simply allows the trend to continue.Moon in Libra,with the Sun in Leo mostly leads to negative price movements from a top. So the small negativity could continue on Monday July 23 with a positive opening ( gap up?) on Tuesday ( July 24).
  • July 25 could bring in the Libra factor and cause the prices to fall.
  • Bottoming out could start from July 26 and we could have a good reversal by the weekend.
Of course daily prices will guide us to take appropriate positions.This is simply an interesting way of looking at Nifty price movements.
Once we are through with Mars Saturn conjunction, then with the Jupiter trines and sextiles in place we may expect a reasonable up move.Price magnitudes expected are mentioned in the posts with graphical illustrations.


Nifty July 23 to 27, the Technical Picture

Nifty reversed upwards from 5169, traveled up to  5258 and turned down to close the week at 5205.Since the entire impulse move from 4770 is getting reversed, from 5348, this correction could consume time.1 of C had consumed 25 trading days and 2 of C ( Unfolding as a, b and c)  has taken 9 days so far.Till the month end we have another 7 more trading days to go, all together totaling 16 trading days,Time wise July 31, looks like a reversal.
Price wise, a 50 % correction of rise from 4770 could bring the Nifty to about 5000+
Meanwhile in the corrective waves, what we thought of as b, actually seems to be the second leg of a. This means the move from 5258 to 5205 is an ongoing downward move which could find support this week at 5127, before the corrective B starts.
Astrologically July 31/ August 01 seem to be reversal dates.Of course we wait for the price action to guide and then we take appropriate positions with tight stop losses. When Mercury is retrograde, it is better to be careful.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals -Aspects for the week July 23 to 27, 2012

Here are the aspects and planetary interactions, in a Calendar form for the week beginning July 23 and ending on July 27, 2012. As usual the colour codes signify intensity. Please zoom and view:

There is one more interesting formation which has not been depicted above. That is because it is beyond the time frame of the calendar.
On Sunday, July 22, 2012, at 09:33:42 hrs, Uranus will form a waxing sextile with Jupiter.Typically this effect will manifest in 4 to 6 weeks because the orbs of slow moving planetary aspects is that long. But if other formations also intervene, in the meantime, interesting things could happen.
To understand a historical perspective of this formation, I did some back testing.
Went back to 1999,April 28, when Jupiter in Pisces formed a sextile with Uranus in Capricorn..

See how the markets reacted then....

But we are more interested in July 2012 and so let us look at the planetary aspects developing now, more closely...

Interestingly, the Federal Open Market Committee of USA,meets again on July 31-Aug. 1.
Our own Reserve Bank of India meets on July 31, 2012, in a monetary policy meeting...... 

Have a great week of trading. Please wait for price conformation before taking any trades based on any system, including Financial Astrology.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals for July 20, 2012

The counter trend rally which began yesterday gained strength and Nifty closed at 5242.7 after going up to 5256.30  today.However it is b wave :
  Complexities are yet to unravel,

Nifty -Change in Trend

By falling below the impulsive trend line Nifty has entered a corrective move. 5170 could well mark the culmination of ( a) and the beginning of ( b). Since this phase has to consume time, whiplashes may be common.And Mercury is Retro. So most markets will not reach their line  of support or resistance but may turn before that.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals -using KP Method July 16 to 20, 2012

This is experimental but interesting..

 Technically, Nifty is very close to 5195a gap up area, which may prove to be a support.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals July 16 to 20, 2012

We had quite an interesting week where Nifty fell through its impulsive upward trend line bringing down the expectation of much bigger, immediate moves. With the downward piercing of the 0-2 line, it is more or less certain that 5348.55 high of July 10, 2012, is the culmination of 3 of C. Wave 3 began at 5125.45. It has so far moved up 223 points   to 5348.55, as on July 10.The reaction so far till July 13 has consumed 130.75 points by forming a low of 5217.80.This represents a pullback of 58.63% which is close to 61.8% That the wave 4 reaction has come down as much as 58.63% as against the customary 38.2% seen in a good upward impulse, is a pointer that the upward move is losing considerable steam. Wave 5 might have started and might conclude at 5379 now, the point at which Nifty had formed an island reversal, some months earlier. Wave 5 would then appear truncated as compared to the other impulses and gain credence to a good downward move, after topping out.

In the near term, Astro conditions also favour a small up move. In fact the planetary energies are quite heavy this week and suggest a lot of up and down whipsaws. Let us remember to place tight stop losses.

Here is a calendar representation of the interpretations given below ( Please zoom and view):

 10 July represents the 13th day after Saturn turning direct. The orb is of a maximum of 13 days and so may be the reversal of July 10, 2012, is of cycle significance. Of course since Lunar nodes turned direct and Mars had a trine with Rahu and Ketu, in our previous post we had given more weight-age to going short on July 11th. Saturn merely adds more strength to that postulation. Of course our immediate interest is to know whether the down trend continues into the coming week of July 16 to 20, or not.
·         11 July 16.48 hrs Natal Neptune trine transit Jupiter. Effect starts from 06 July and ends on July 21, Saturday at 23.31 hrs. This could make the markets bullish in the time zone July 16 to 19.
·         12 July 2012 Cardinal Mars starts a trine with Jupiter. .Mars in Cardinal sign, when we use Zero Ayanamsa, by itself is not very good news for Bulls. So this waxing trine is not very strong. Generally this signature resolves in the direction of the primary trend. Primary trend, after bottoming out in December 2011, is in the process of tentative and long drawn out reversal. Since the reversal is tentative, Nifty is carving out a pattern of a contracting triangle. At best this could contribute to a up move on July 16, but is unlikely to sustain. Conversely, it may also give “sell on rises” opportunities.
·         12 July 23.55 hrs: Transiting Venus opposite Natal Pluto. Comes within one degree by 10 July 2012, 19.25 hrs. This is a Nifty specific signature and most often crests form within 2 days of the formation.
·         13 July 2012 Sun begins to square Saturn. After Sun opposition to Saturn, the second most important aspect formation is the Sun waning Square to Saturn. This most often gives a positive trading cycle within three or four days. Sharp reversals are seen closer to this cycle. The first trading day of this square happens to be July 16.
13 July 2012:12.27.51 Transiting Moon sextile Natal Mercury.
14 July 2012: 07.07.28 hrs: Saturday: Transiting Moon conjunct Natal Saturn.
14 July 2012: 10.15.56 hrs Transiting Moon conjunct Natal Jupiter.
14 July 2012:08.22.19 Transiting Moon sextile Natal Rahu, trine Ketu.
·         Uranus turns Retrograde: This is another powerful but erratic signature which generally unfolds between 4 to 11 trading days .In effect we may expect this signature to exert it`s influence between 19 and 27 July. Since 27 July is a central time band for Mercury Retrograde, it is quite possible that July 26 or 27 could mark a good reversal.
15 July 2012 06.57.51: Transiting Moon trine Natal Neptune.
·         15 July 2012 07.45.24 hrs Mercury turns retrograde in Leo: Mercury will become direct at 11.09.55 hrs on August 08, 2012, Wednesday, at 97:29:02, in the star of Pooyam. During Mercury retrograde periods, markets generally reverse before reaching their support or resistance points. The strategy should be to book profits sooner than normal. There are 19 trading days between July 16 and August 08. The central time band falls on July 26/27.Nifty Futures had risen to 5348 by July 10th and has reversed so far till July 13th.If the reversal continues into the next week then we may expect a low to form and prices to rise from there. On the other hand if prices rise from hereon then a crest could form next week and prices would begin to decline. Our endeavor of course is to find what is more probable.

15July 2012 09.44 hrs Sunday Sun square Saturn.
·         15 July 14.54 hrs: Transiting Mars in a waning trine to Natal Neptune till 19th July 04.21 hrs. Another Nifty specific signature. Correlates well with troughs within 5 to 11 days. In other words, expect prices to decline towards the end of next week (July 20) from which a good rise may be expected.
·         16/17 July 2012: Transiting Sun starts opposing Natal Ketu: Exact on 17 July 17.10.00 hrs. Rahu will be conjunct Sun then. Effect continues on 18 July also. Since July 16/ 17 is also lunar reversal dates, this strongly suggests a crest formation and declines thereafter.
17 July 2012 18.09.05 hrs. Mars waxing trine Jupiter
17 July 2012 Uranus begins a sextile with Jupiter. Will be exact on July 22, 09. 35 a.m.
·         18 July 2012 01.56.05 hrs Cardinal Mars waning square Pluto. Contrary to popular belief, this waning square this is not a long term aspect, but more of a trader`s aspect. We may expect trough formation within 4 to 8 trading days of this aspect. More of a 200 point game. Effective dates July 23-24.
18 July 2012; Transiting Venus opposition with Natal Pluto is over.
·         19 July 2012 08.25.05 hrs. Cardinal Mars opposite Uranus. This is a granddaddy of an aspect. It can be powerful and occasionally nothing might happen as well! When something happens usually it is a big reversal. Effects manifest within 4 to 11 trading days. Most often markets decline into troughs from which there will be significant rises. The trough formation could be any day between July 23 to 31.
Transiting Sun and transiting Moon begin to square Natal Moon. Transiting Moon will be exactly square at 12.34.47 hrs.
·         19 July also happens to be a New Moon. As per KP, Moon is in Taurus on July 16, in Gemini on July 17 and 18, in Cancer on 19 and in Leo on July 20.Sun in Cancer reduces volatility. By July 20, Sun would move into Pooyam, which is a Saturn star. It could then contribute to more bearishness. May be this factor could act as a cushion to some of those potentially dangerous aspects developing between the larger planets. Nodes begin their natural retrograde motion on July 15, 2012 and remain retrograde till July 26, 2012.Please note as per Western Astrology, Sun enters Leo by July 23, releasing huge volatility into the markets.
·         20 July 2012; 21.39.21 hrs: Transiting Sun exact square Natal Moon. 20 July 20, 2012 07.37.41 hrs Moon trine Uranus. 20 July 2012 08.42 11 hrs Moon sextile Mars. When Sun squares Natal Moon, governmental action affecting the balance and equilibrium of the markets is the result and this is specific to our markets. When transiting Moon trines and sextiles Uranus and Mars respectively, an element of aggressive movement is introduced. So look to see if there is a sudden down move or drop in prices around July 20 and 23.
·         21 July 2012: Saturday: Transiting Saturn begins to form a square with Natal Rahu and Ketu. Saturn is also about to change signs, from Virgo to Libra.. Effect may be felt on 20 July itself. Will be exact on 21 August 2012, 13.15 hrs.
21 July 2012:06.19.53: Transiting Moon opposes Natal Uranus. At 23.31 hrs, Transiting Jupiter trine Natal Neptune ends.
All factors point out to a top formation and declining prices from July 20 onwards. Nifty could improve during the next few days up to July 18. Thereafter volatile price swings could be experienced and then negative trend from July 20 is what the astro picture seems to indicate.

Let us see what the cycles indicate:
So, we are not out of the woods yet. Stimulating an  economy burdened with immense debts or having weak leaders who cannot take bold policy measures, and relying on only monetary measures- is not to the liking of Uranus or Pluto.These two power house planets are going to square six more times before the end of 2015.With a Sayana Saturn plodding slowly into October 2012, where it will enter Scorpio and be in a mutual reception status, that is where the  all these profligacy will hit home.
But then, for traders, there are profits to be made.As usual, my sincere request is to  follow the price and only use the astro information as a navigational aid.With planetary energies becoming denser due to several aspects as cross purposes, whipsaws will occur.Retrograde period of Mercury and Uranus are fraught with human errors leading to losses.Especially from malfunctioning electronic equipment including lap tops and mobile phones.
If I have not responded for technical queries asked by some of you, it is only because of lack of time. My apologies.I shall address all pending queries before EOW.   
Take extra care!
Have a great week of trading!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals for July 09 to 13, 2012

The Uranus Pluto square theme is gaining prominence. 
The global economic situation is worsening.
Stimulus efforts which yielded results in the past are not working as strong now. 

The surge of relief from the Euro Summit is fast waning off, as the fine prints are coming into focus. More and bigger bank frauds are getting exposed. Spanish Bond yields have gone back to 7%.Two rate cuts by China, an extension of Operation Twist by the Federal Reserve, record rate cut by ECB and a $77.6 billion quantitative easing did not increase the confidence of the markets.
Our markets have held up far better than most others. But will this sustain?
It is against this back drop that we look at our market this week.
Here is the very short term wave picture…

The medium term weekly looks like this…..

And of course the Astro picture….

On July 09, 2012, Moon is in Jupiter star, in the 8th house, till 12.30 pm. Moon crosses the equator upwards, signaling a minor reversal.  So we can expect a negative start and a recovery in the second half of the session, post lunch.
On July 10, 2012, Moon is nearly conjunct Uranus and it is in Saturn star. So the market could go up till Moon enters Mercury star by about 14.30 hrs. Since Mercury is in the 12th, maybe a reaction could be expected.
On July 11, 2012, Moon continues to be in Revathi (Mercury star) and forms an opposition to Saturn. It is also the first quarter Moon day. The lunar nodes are turning direct today and will be so till July 14th.Mars is in trine with Rahu and Ketu. Three malefics colluding! The Sun Square Pluto and Uranus gets triggered in today (after the orb period of 8 days.) So the reaction of yesterday could deepen today. Check the Technicals and act accordingly. Short term traders may cover their shorts at the fag end, because it is a Ketu day tomorrow (July 12, 2012).
On July 12, 2012, Moon is in Ketu star. It is also sextile to Neptune. Uranus begins a sextile with Jupiter. Mars also moves into a trine orb with Jupiter. So this could be a green day.
July 13, 2012, Moon is into Venus star. (Bharani.)Venus is in sextile formation with Mercury. But I think it is a mixed blessing and not purely bullish. So despite profit taking Nifty might hold up. But be careful. Mars is about to form a big, nasty square with Pluto and an opposition to Uranus early next week. And during the weekend Sun will form a square with Saturn. Uranus will turn retrograde on Saturday, July 14th.And Mercury will turn Retrograde on Sunday, July 15th. I won`t be surprised if some effects of his show on Friday itself. For short term trades, if Technicals confirm then it is better to get out of long positions in the weekend.
The possible quantification of the movements, up and down have been illustrated in the charts itself. Astrology can at best be a leading indicator. Always, always,wait for price confirmation before committing your money, please.
Have a wonderful trading week!