Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jupiter Uranus OPPOSITION in 2016-17

Let us examine this query because this gives us an opportunity to visit a few fundamentals.
1. Larger planets when they connect produce longer term and larger effects.
2. These effects will be felt across the Globe in many markets. That is why individual horoscope approach to markets is
not very effective. Universal astro effects are the planetary aspects, stellar and sign positions.
3. When an aspect involves several planets it is potentiated. That means it becomes more powerful and causes significant effects across many markets.
4. When two planets interact, their orbs of influence interact first and so the manifestation can happen before, during or after the aspect or interaction. Often times, a secondary aspect or influence may trigger the manifestation. So let us not assume that precisely on the date of exact aspect, things happen. Nature never intended  things to be thaat simple!
5. All events are manifestations of collective planetary energies. So always look for the composite interaction effects. Let us not say for example,  that "Sun and Mars are opposite..So market will fall."
That is like the 5 blind men describing an elephant. Different people could look at different part of the sky and come to different sometimes totally opposite conclusions.....

Look at the chart for the first date of Uranus Jupiter opposition. Just see how many planets are interacting! I have highlighted them! No wonder we had a significant bottom then!

Now look at the Feb 28 to March 03 period. Again there are significant interactions. But not as potent as Dec 26, because planets like Saturn are really minding their own business. So markets may fall but may not be a tremendous fall. But later on Saturn does get involved, and when he turns retro he could cause a change. So watch out for April 13 or 14 or that week. ( This is why we should use technicals for entry and exit and not Astro.) Astro is the direction board. Technicals is the road. If you keep gaping at the direction board, your car could still hit a nasty pot hole!

Coming to this chart, there is no composite aspect at all. We will still see a reaction but the other planets will take control and not Uranus Jupiter.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Gold, across the years....

Let us see the astro charts for lows:
Jupiter and Neptune are together in Cancer and Rahu is squaring both of them.
Jupiter and Neptune are again together  in another water sign, Scorpio and the Nodes are squaring both of them.
 Jupiter and Neptune are in a trine influenced by Saturn and Pluto...
Jupiter and Neptune are opposite, with Saturn square Jupiter and Pluto trine Jupiter.
According to Vedic texts, Jupiter  is the Karaka for Gold. According to Western Astrology, Neptune is a higher octave for Venus, for the deeper earning for expressions which include show, glamour, pomp, gaiety and glitter.
Let us see the Highs...

While Neptune is not connected, look at Jupiter! In trine with Rahu and Saturn. Square with Pluto and opposite Uranus! Gold melted!
Jupiter is square Neptune and Rahu.Trine Saturn.
Another Jupiter Rahu conjunction squaring Neptune!
 This is interesting! Slip from the high begins when the Nodes square Saturn. Jupiter is not yet involved....
Now Jupiter is involved...with Rahu and Ketu and Neptune connects with Saturn...
You can work out the next big low and high in Gold yourself! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

New Year 2017 Chart ..An update

The top chart is the chart when the New Year 2017 was born. Our experiment was to see whether this arbitrary timing has any correlation with market moves.
Since the life of this year is precisely one year, I had divided the one year into Vimoshattari Dasa periods.
First dasa was of the Moon, from Dec 21 2016 to 19 Jan 2017
Moon is the owner of 11th house, the house of gains.On Jan 01st, the earliest date of this chart, Moon is in Moon star connecting 05 and 11.So markets rose into Jan 18.
On Jan 19, Mars Dasa starts. Mars is placed in Jupiter star which is strongly ruling the Ascendant.Mars is also connected to the auspicious sixth house.
We saw the markets rising.
From 09 February to April 04, Rahu dasa is in operation. Rahu is placed in the 12th. Rahu is also in  Ketu star which is known for causing sudden developments.We may see a small market top somewhere in the period Feb 10 to April 04.By March 31, Rahu moves to 11th house. Again markets may start rising because the next dasa is that of Jupiter.
Here Iam using the transit charts also along-with the Natal horoscope which seems to correlate
Since this sort of reading is experimental, do not trade based on this analysis.