Friday, February 17, 2017

Gold, across the years....

Let us see the astro charts for lows:
Jupiter and Neptune are together in Cancer and Rahu is squaring both of them.
Jupiter and Neptune are again together  in another water sign, Scorpio and the Nodes are squaring both of them.
 Jupiter and Neptune are in a trine influenced by Saturn and Pluto...
Jupiter and Neptune are opposite, with Saturn square Jupiter and Pluto trine Jupiter.
According to Vedic texts, Jupiter  is the Karaka for Gold. According to Western Astrology, Neptune is a higher octave for Venus, for the deeper earning for expressions which include show, glamour, pomp, gaiety and glitter.
Let us see the Highs...

While Neptune is not connected, look at Jupiter! In trine with Rahu and Saturn. Square with Pluto and opposite Uranus! Gold melted!
Jupiter is square Neptune and Rahu.Trine Saturn.
Another Jupiter Rahu conjunction squaring Neptune!
 This is interesting! Slip from the high begins when the Nodes square Saturn. Jupiter is not yet involved....
Now Jupiter is involved...with Rahu and Ketu and Neptune connects with Saturn...
You can work out the next big low and high in Gold yourself! 

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