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Nifty Angles for Dec 12 to 16, 2016

See how beautifully and rhythmically the market functions!  
From March 2015, Nifty moved down and gave a cycle bottom.Subsequent upmove from 6825 terminated at the time cycle circumference.Nifty moved down along the circumference and then away. It is now attempting to reach the circle again. When it does so, it will reach an inflexion point.It is likely to move down to gather strength to make a new bull move.Red line is the diameter of the time circle.
All this rhythm despite loud noises of demonetisation, Trump winning, Italian refrendum, Fed rate hike and what not!

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Nifty Dasa Charts updated on Dec 05, 2016 ( Last update October 31, 2016 )

Sometimes it is amazing how the entire market breaks down its complex inner signals into its binary mode of Fear and Greed. When Fear increases over Greed market falls and vice versa.
Dasas faithfully record what dominates at the moment in question.....
See this link....
This is our update on October 31, 2016 regarding Dasa effects on Nifty..

Let us see how the dasas are looking, through an updated of December 05, 2016..

Looks like some more downsides....

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Euro / USD in December 2016

Now that the Italian referedum is round the corner, let us look at what we were expecting in October 2016....
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We were expecting the US Elections to lend support to the Dollar, leading Euro lower....
This is the current update....

MCX Crude Updates Dec 02 2016

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