Sunday, July 19, 2015

Venus and Uranus retrograde July 2015

This month, Venus retrogrades on July 25 followed by Uranus retrograde Station on July 26th...

To see similar effects I had to travel back quite a distance.
Surprisingly simultaneous occurrences seem a rarity.
Chart 01:
Here Uranus retrogrades first followed by Venus. We see a 10 day delay in a top formation. We also see another top and then the powerful Pluto Uranus conjunction takes hold and pulls the market down.

Chart 02:
Here also Venus retrogrades first followed by a Uranus retrograde. Market fell into the retrograde and recovered on a new bullish move thereafter.

So we go by this second chart. We expect Nifty to fall into these retro stations and then recover post July 27.
Of course price has to confirm first.
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  1. Suresh, I am disagreeing with this view,what are u doing is just data mining and that is with only 2 samples ,just look at the diversity nifty is completely moving differently with any markets.I feel FII have bought nifty futures worth Rs.30000 cr .This clearing can see 8800 on the track.

  2. I had emailed u suresh..on the subscription.. can u chexk and reply pls