Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jupiter in Gemini

The Great Benefic, Jupiter has moved out of Taurus and into Gemini on May 31.He will remain in Gemini till June 18, 2014.He will travel direct for six months and become retrograde on November 07, 2013.He will be retrograde till March 06, 2014 and will resume direct motion on March 07, 2014.On June 18, 2014, he will leave Gemini for good.
As I had been reiterating in several posts long before this event, Jupiter had managed to maintain the uptrend till he moved out of Taurus.
How will his journey in Gemini be?
Unlike stable Taurus, Gemini is a changeable sign. It is Airy and is ruled by the dualistic Mercury.No stability of trend may be expected.Jupiter will be in Mars star till June 29,thereafter in Rahu star.Rahu will be in Jupiter star then which would lead to Parivathana. Since Jupiter and Rahu are also moving towards a trine we may see markets recovering in July 2013.Jupiter will be in Rahu star till August 31, 2013.After that Jupiter will be in its own star till the end of its tenure in Gemini. By November 07, Jupiter will become retrograde. From the third week of October we must be on guard for a major trend change.Jupiter becomes direct on March 07, 2014, which is another trend change movement.
All in all we should expect high volatility with a huge trading range to develop.  

Let us look at how Jupiter in Gemini had been in the past....

It should be a great time for traders with Jupiter in Gemini.

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