Friday, May 17, 2013

Astro Technicals May 17 2013

Please have a look at this blog post of January  06, 2013. We had discussed in detail the effect of Jupiter in Taurus and how the big positive planet will not allow a trend which he had commenced, to wither away, as long as he is in Taurus.

Well, Jupiter leaves Taurus  on May 29th.So the current bullish fervour should last till Jupiter moves into Gemini.Mind you there could be corrections on the way, but mostly the bull trend will be maintained, is what I feel.Also whenever Uranus and Pluto are square and if Jupiter is also entering Gemini, then a blow off is seen. The severity of decline which happens afterwards  depend on the long term planetary configurations afterwards. 
We have already moved into life time high spaces...Several world Indices are already there. We do not see a wholesome all encompassing euphoria--definitely mass participation is absent because of the difficult Uranus Pluto combination.
So we conclude that we are in a powerful bull phase right now.
What caused the current big leg up and how long will it last? Have a look at the astro charts below.
We see that when several planets transited sensitive 17* of the chart, and when long term planets were involved in a mid point formation, we saw the beginnings of a huge rise.
We again see the confluence of several planets in the degrees of 26* and the New Moon Lunation of June 08 looks important, enough to cause a break in the current rise.Will there be a powerful reversal? We need to research further.
That will also be the period when Nifty will be going through Venus Antara Rahu sookshma- which again is traditionally associated with reversals. I had dealt with elaborately with these Dasa aspects in previous posts.
What about other studies? What do they indicate?

This is a long term cycles chart. This monthly chart also tells us that we are close to a top formation. We shall guess later as to what type of targets can be assigned.
Long term cycles tend to distort a lot, because of the existence of other cycles.
Let us see another long term chart...
This long term weekly chart also shows that we have major resistances in the 6338 areas.6338 is only 168 points away.

In the daily cycles chart, the resistances we see are 6250, 6300 and 6350.

 We can see the 6250 resistance levels more clearly in this chart.

What does our Neo Wave analysis say?

Down move of May 13, took out 5 previous bull candles.The correction did not consume much time at all.So we assume that the a wave of B is still continuing.Currently we should then be c wave of a of B.

Wave B has retraced  119% of A.Strength of the move implies that it could go to 6354 even.This is also close to 6338, November 2010 top.
We may also consider the following alternative view, since B had further moved up surprisongly.

Here we consider the entire move from 4531, from December 2011 as a Diametric, bow tied.If so we are in the leg G, which should terminate around 6350.

Here is the 30 Minute chart for our understanding...

Present intra day stalling could be minute wave b.Next leg up may begin next week. Since prices have moved up so much volatility and two way movements cannot be ruled out.
Stop loss cannot be insisted more strongly.
We want each of the blog reader to be successful, safe and contented in trading.


  1. Good Morning Suresh Ji.
    Very very nicely posted once again ,really you have deep knowledge .

    Amit Sharma

    1. Dear Amit,

      Thanks for your encouragement.

      Warm Regards


  2. Dear Mr. Suresh,
    Good Morning
    We can expect reversal only after June 08. Till then buy on dip???????.
    Thanks for educating us.

  3. Dear Anand Kumar
    That is the way it looks like at present. We change our position based on the market dynamics and new emerging signals. Buy on dips using 5 day moving averages.

    Warm Regards


  4. Dear Mr.suresh,
    Any chance nifty will come 5900? level this month. or only continue up move?

  5. Dear Prabhakaran,
    As it is the weekly closing is above 6111.80, the previous top. That means it has some more legs to go.Weekly MACD is just entering positive territory. Weekly 9 period RSI has not reached overbought levels.Jupiter is still in Taurus. The first leg between December 2011 and February 2012, took 7 weeks to complete. Cycle studies point out to 6400-6500 levels. It is safe to assume that this rally will move another 300 to 400 points more before it turns back to 5900 levels.If you are short, hedge your positions immediately.It is better to follow the trend rather than anticipating it.

    Warm Regards


  6. Saturn has entered Virgo in retrograde and now turning direct in Virgo on May 25. Any significance for the markets?

    1. Dear sometimesbullsometimesbear,
      As per KP Astrology, Saturn retrogrades in Libra 10*51’35’’ till July 08, 2013. From July 09, it will be direct. On March 03, 2014, it becomes retrograde again, in 29*21’06’’ in Libra.
      On July 21, 2014, at 22*40’18’’ it becomes direct again, in Libra. Finally on November 02, 2014, Saturn leaves Libra for good.
      If you go by Vedic Astrology, the dates may differ slightly because mostly Lahiri Ayanamsa will be used, which differs slightly with KP Ayanamsa.
      As per Western Astrology, Saturn is in Scorpio now and on July 08, it will become direct at 04:48:52 of Scorpio. On December 24, 2014, Saturn leaves Scorpio and goes to Sagittarius.
      I do not know any system wherein Saturn becomes direct on May 25 that too in Virgo.
      We normally witness short term cycle tops within 2 to 3 weeks prior to the direct or retrograde station. For the current cycle I will be cautious from June 15 onwards.

      Warm Regards


  7. Dear Mr. Suresh,

    It seems u r reasonably knowledgeable in Neo. Can you provide me some reading material other than Neely Well known Book? Do you have Wave Watch - Lesson 1/2/4 of Neely ?


    1. Dear Sandy,
      I would dispute your statement that I am knowledgeable! I am merely a student of this great Science. I have not come across Wave Watch Lessons.( Would like to though.)
      My experience is that if we constantly and diligently apply Neo Wave techniques we will surely benefit by better understanding market moves. To become profitable, it does not need too much more.
      In fact every market responds differently. For example, our Nifty and Sensex seem to have a liking to diametric formations.Another factor, we should also learn to identify the changing nature of wave forms caused by newer technological interventions. Today, the markets are strongly influenced by algorithmic trading. Turns are mostly earlier than classical formations.So we use the Neo Wave teachings as broad guidelines and understand the market moves as per the current reality.
      My contribution is to keep writing or illustrating honestly in this blog as to what I see is happening, from a Neo Wave perspective. By no means am I claiming that what I see is perfect.In fact I would love people with better knowledge to correct whatever mistakes I am committing.

      Warm Regards