Sunday, May 5, 2013

Astro Technicals for May 06 to 10. 2013

As per the tabulations recorded in the postAstro Technicals April 29 to May 16th 2013,   
time band for various aspects and planetary combinations listed out seems to be May 08 to 13.In the post captioned as, Astro Technicals- Dasa formation and their implications,we observed that " In all such antara -sookshma periods in the past, Nifty either reversed in the Moon sookshma period or in Mars or in Rahu period. If there were bullish aspects prior to the Sookshma periods, then the intermediate reversals tend to happen farther away, in the Rahu sookshma periods. On the other hand, if the aspects were moderate, then intermediate reversals tend to happen either in Moon periods or in the Mars period.
If the aspects prior were negative, then the trend itself will be negative or mixed, going into the sookshma periods.
We are now in the Moon Sookshma period to be followed by Mars Sookshma period, upto May 14, 2013.
So we look for a reversal immediately in this week, followed by an improvement closer to weekend followed  by a bigger reversal in the week May 06 to 10, 2013.Since currently we are going through a series of negative aspects, post May 06/10, the decline could be a little more than anticipated.."

From the chart above, we see that the day of maximum latitude, which is May 03, Nifty reacted forming another bearish harami.May 09 th New Moon contains a Solar Eclipse. We have seen that eclipses mostly act as a reversal signature if the market is not under strong bearish or bullish aspects.May 13th, we have maximum Lunar declination and Moon is farthest from the earth.Several aspects of the immediate past involving Saturn have their critical time zone this week, between May 08 to 15th.
So we need to watch out for reversal behaviour in the Nifty.Fundamentally the markets are torn between the optimism created by US Economy, continued quantitative easing and rate cuts by Central Banks and the perceptible slowdown of growth evident everywhere including in China and India. 
We are approaching the third square aspect between Uranus and Pluto on May 21st. As we have discussed in the past, this is a seven signature series happening between 2012 and 2015.We are in the most important mid period. So the effects of the series will begun to be felt in the second half of 2013 onwards.Excesses need to be corrected and we may expect the corrective natural outcomes to begin to bite from later half of this year.
But not before the current wave of optimism spends over. So let us currently ride up this corrective and then wait for a bigger slide down later.


  1. HI Tekkie, The negative Trend will start immidiately from 6th??? or market may see some upside till 7th before starting a Negative joruney as u r predicting? Pls guide

  2. Dear Mandar,
    After making consecutive higher highs and lower lows, the present uptrend is losing steam. Also it has retraced more than 80% of the previous fall.So technically we are in a neutral or reversal zone. Astrologically also we are in such a zone for various reasons mentioned in previous posts..Having said that, unless Nifty actually turns down and closes below the previous day`s closing we don`t hazard a short sell.Whether it will happen on 06th or 07th, it is impossible for me to say. ( Also I consider the entire Astro technicals as a forecasting tool- a leading indicator and not a predictive tool.Predictions seem to have a ring of unchangeability around them, which does not agree with me.)
    Accordingly we use short term moving averages such as 5 day High EMA or 5 day low EMA to guide us when the market moves up or down.In the current scenario, we hold a negative bias, but wait for a technical confirmatiom.This is the most practical and safe way of trading.Also remember the correction if it happens is only a b wave and we still have an upward c to reckon with later.
    One more thing- today Star lord is retro Saturn and tomorrow Star lord is Mercury.Both are known to have negative impacts in the past..So we wait and watch.
    Thanks and Regards