Sunday, May 19, 2013

Astro Technicals for May 20 to 24- The astro part

There are several interesting astro aspects in the balance portion of May 2013 and from June onwards.I had detailed out a chart explaining the various long term formation in store for us for the rest of 2013. One of the most important of them- Uranus square Pluto is on May 20, 2013.Long term formations do not give effect on the day of their exact signature -they will always have an orb of influence.They need one more planet, a slow moving one to connect among themselves.
 on June 08, Mercury will be square Uranus and opposite Pluto:
Between June 11 to 13, Venus will be opposite Pluto and square Uranus.
June 08 to 13 may be watched for a reversal.One thing to be noted is that Uranus is a planet of unpredictability.Gemini is a dual sign. Mercury its lord, who is also in Gemini is known for its dualistic approach.So any reversal or fall in prices may be quickly offset- or the fall could be deeper than expected. In other words let us expect the unexpected.
We see that from May 15th, Nifty has entered its Venus Bhukti  Venus Antara and Rahu sookshma. We have seen earlier that in market conditions where there wasn't any meaningful correction in Sun and Mars sookshma, Rahu brings about the needed correction..

Another interesting astro aspect is the joint celestial movements of Sun and Mars...
See this....

Within 3 days of Sun and Mars coming together, an intermediate top was formed and Nifty began a decline. 3 days before they become conjunct, Nifty begins a powerful ascent which is still continuing.
Sun and Mars will be separated beyond 10 degrees on May 31,-what is going to happen then?
Let us look at the past for a guideline...

Nine days after separating beyond 10 degrees, Nifty had fallen 500 points within 18 trading days..
In our present situation, 9 trading days comes to June 13.So will there be a top by June 13?
We had seen that Uranus Pluto combination points out to a top between June 08 and 13, 2013.
Are there other astro evidences?

Let us look at a magnified Venus Antara Rahu Sookshma period...

In the post,

we saw that Venus Antara Rahu Sookshma tends to produce reversals from crests depending on other astrological aspects present.I have given a little more detailed picture on what is happening to Rahu during this time and how are the lunar factors shaping up..
We know Rahu and Ketu move in a retrograde fashion. So after Venus sub what should come is not Sun Sub, but for retro movement we should have Ketu, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter.On May 17,Rahu is direct and behaves like other direct moving planets.Till May 24, it moves direct. Then becomes retro. This retro to direct to retro movement sometimes causes short term reversals in the market.Effects of Perigee and minimum declination of the Moon happens on May 27. So maybe we see a consolidation or slight decline till May 27 and then the up-trend resumes again.     Latitude and Mercury declination may add more steam till June 03. Then again it looks like consolidation..By June 10, 2013, Rahu enters Ketu Sub and that could be a top formation time? Especially since Ketu is in the midpoint of Uranus and Sun? Two hot guys?

Interesting times astrologically, like I said in the beginning.
For us traders, just hold on to the moving averages and start hedging as the market climbs higher. With so much of up trend already complete risk favours not to be indiscriminately long.

Some of the other indices are not showing as much enthusiasm as the Nifty. Any rally where the broader market does not participate as much, must be treated with caution.

Have a nice week of trading! Astro tutorials will be taken up next week.


  1. Dear Mr. Suresh,
    Great and excellent work. keep it up.
    As having no knowledge on astro, I have no views on your detailed research, but can understand where nifty will move depending on time.
    As per ABC pattern:
    Nifty top was made at 6112, A at 5477 and since nifty has surpassed 6112, B can either be at 1.17 or 1.236 i.e at 6220 or 6260-80, respectively.
    Lastly C should end in the range of 5230 to 5530.

  2. In nifty is very strong then it can even go to 1.382 i.e at 6355 which will be double top.

    1. Dear Anand kumar,
      Thank you for your valuable comments. I request you to have a look at.
      The gist is as follows:
      “…As per NEoWave if the correction from 6111.80 has to be a flat, then it has to form a 3-3-5 structure. Wave A down, from 6111.80 has exhibited a 3 wave down formation.
      • So by the same logic, what we are seeing in wave B so far, in the retracement from 5477 upwards is just wave a of B.
      • We do not yet know if wave a of B is completed. But the risk reward ratio is tilting towards shorts, after 20 days of up move. Traders also realise this, which is reflecting in the reduced volumes.
      • We still have to see wave b of B downwards and Wave c of B upwards.
      • And this has to take time to complete- approximately a minimum of 30 more trading days.
      • Any which way we look at the situation, we are seeing a Wave B which is going to be stronger than wave A.
      • If the completed wave B terminates between 6112 and 6262, then also the consequent wave C has a good chance to go down to 5477 levels in a 5 wave impulse down.
      • If the completed wave B exceeds 6336-6354, then wave C down, will not go beyond 5796. In that case we will be looking at an Irregular flat with C wave failure, which will be very bullish for the next development.
      • If wave B terminates at these levels itself, that is wave b of B retraces to 5750 levels and then again wave c of B comes up to 6200 and then falls off, we can see the resultant wave C going beyond 5477 in a 5 way down move. ..”
      I feel the FIIs have a big say in what sort of B is about to form.
      An important statistics from Economic Times:
      “Economic Times May 16, 2013: Foreign investors have raised their shareholding in BSE 500 stocks to the highest level in the last five years during the quarter ended March 31.

      Foreign institutional investors, or FIIs, have raised their shareholding in the BSE 500 companies that make up nearly 93 per cent of the total market capitalization on BSE and all 20 major industries of the economy.

      According to the quarterly analysis on BSE 500 companies shareholdings for the quarter ended March - 2013 by Emkay Research, FIIs holding in BSE500 companies rose to 22.2 per cent, the highest in at least 21 quarters during quarter ended March 13…”
      This global liquidity has the potential to push Nifty into the 6300s and 6400s. If so then B wave would become quite big and your scenario of 1.382 would unfold.
      If on the other hand Ben decides to stem the liquidity flow, or if our leaders do something really stupid, enough to annoy the FIIs then B could terminate within the next 100 points and start a severe C down.
      As things stand, the up move is intact.

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