Friday, October 31, 2014

Nifty Neowave Update 30 October 2014

Here are the updated wave counts for Nifty:

Hourly Cycles have been updated here.
 Observe how Nifty is behaving to the second cycle pointed out in small blue arrows. The mustard colour square represents the middle area of the cycle. This time band reduces volatility and prices may sometimes decline also.
Cycles are prone for displacement. So November 03 can be 5 also.If Nifty comes near a downcycle, it is better to be alert, in case of any breakdown.


  1. a ) 7724 to 8064 = 340
    b ) 8064 to 7986 = 78
    c ) 8331 to 7986 = 345

    in a perfect channel and we are at channel upper trend line
    whats yr email id?

    Perfect channeling is the nature of corrective waves.