Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Astro Technicals- Hindustan Unilever- October 07, 2014

Let us look at another stock, a famed multinational FMCG Company from a technical perspective..Iam referring to Hindustan Unilever Limited..
 What strikes us first, is that the long term price and time seem to be squaring. Which means Hindustan Uni Lever is in a major topping out process.Not too much of upside left for the moment...
What do the waves say?

 Yes, the waves also seem to confirm..we are in the 5th of a long term Elliott wave formation...Soon HUL has to start correcting.What could make HUL to correct? No idea...but something is definitely cooking.

This is how the parent is looking like....

Seems to be in 4th of fifth..Next up move may be used to exit positions from HUL.

Here is an astro analysis of HUL...
Trade harmoniously and safely!


  1. Dear Suresh Sir, would an astro view on infy be possible, if it is not asking for too much and not a bother for you, would appreciate your view. Thanks

  2. Surely Ash.But I would need a couple of days.If you wanted to anticipate Infy movements after the results, then I am afraid I will not be able to give you a perspective.

  3. Thanks sir, please take your time, as bonus has been announced and will affect the price.