Friday, October 10, 2014

Nifty Astro Technicals update:October 09, 2014

If there were a roller coaster, then this is the one!
Just look at what the Dow is going through....
In all my recent articles I had been emphasizing on the volatility in world markets, Nifty included..While such volatility is difficult to explain ( not impossible) technically, Astrology provides ready answers.Our humble pranams to those great Masters who had revealed so much to us!
Have a look at this Astro Technical Chart....
Mars Uranus trine
Sun Uranus Opposition with Lunar Eclipse
Sun conjunct Rahu
Venus square Pluto

I think we are about to see  one more bottom, before a take off.
Better fasten your seat belts. You could be blown away!
And never trust a trend when Mercury is retrograde. He is known as the Universal trickster.He is retrograde in Libra. It is all about balance!

Here is an immediate chart....
 7910  and 7843 are immediate supports. Time limit  2 days.

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