Sunday, May 17, 2020

Week of May 18 to 22 2020

What a week! 20 lakh crore lure did not impress Nifty!
With Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn ganging up, the World  still has the smell of blood on its hands. All the perfumes of Arabia  ( read it as stimulus ) couldn't make  the World`s little hand smell better...
Curiously the Government chose a highly retrograde period ( Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all commencing retrograde stations between May 12 to 15 ) to announce its eco package.
Two of the planets Venus and Jupiter are specifically connected to Tall Finances!
The strong bear rally upto April 30 went into a subdued mood with a sideways downtrend with a negative bias. 
Bulls have not given up yet..They did not allow Nifty to break 9000..
This week it looks like Bulls may have the upper hand and push the Index into the 9300 to 9500 zone again.
Sun,Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all in Sun star.
Rahu and Venus are in Mars star.
Certainly there is no shortage of fire power!
Anyways let us have proper stop-losses for our positions..With so many retrogrades in the air, safety should be the first concern.
Sun has now trined Pluto and Jupiter. By May 22 2020, it would complete its trine with Saturn.
Then it maybe a different ball game altogether.


Unknown said...

welcome back sir

Tekkiesuresh said...

Yes Unknown, it is nice to be back!