Sunday, May 31, 2020

Week of June 01 to June 05, 2020

Last week we had expected a rise for the markets.In a matter of 4 days Nifty rose from a low of 8968 to close at 9598.A 630 points rise.
Since May 18 low was formed 8 days ago, we conclude that a new cycle has started.Previous cycle was of 34 days duration, The one before was of 33 days duration.It is likely that the next cycle may be of a shorter duration.Sub cycle has taken 8 days so far but has just managed to touch the secondary high of last cycle which was 9584.The previous cycle high of 9889 still remains to be conquered.  
With 8 days over, it is in the time duration for a pause.
Astro wise this week belongs to Sun, Venus and Mars. 
June 02-03, Venus squares Mars.
June 05-08 Sun squares Mars.
By June 05, we have the first of three eclipses lined up. It is a Penumbra Lunar Eclipse.
There is one more factor with this eclipse...

 This is the chart of maximum eclipse on June 06 at 00:54 am. We can see that Mars is very closely aspecting the eclipse degree with a hard square aspect.
Some reduction in bullishness may be expected either by June 03 or June 05/08. Prices may trend lower this week.
For the month however, there is more price rise expected but probably not this week.
Let us not forget that we are in a Jupiter Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction period. This means the Big Bear is very much alive. He is just digesting the bulls he had in March 2020.

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