Sunday, May 17, 2020


Bank Nifty which was a positive contributor to Nifty has fallen on hard times of can be seen in the chart above. This is now a drag on the Nifty..If BN improves, Nifty also will improve.

See how much SBIN has contributed to the sluggishness in BankNifty ?
HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank have a combined weightage of 52%..So if they move, Nifty will also move..


Darshan said...

Sir, may I know the time you prefer for daily nifty Astro analysis?

I am totally new in this Astro based trading.
Which time you consider for nifty natal chart spot or 1st Trade future?

Tekkiesuresh said...

Darshan I use First trade of Futures because the date and time is more certain.

Darshan said...

Can you please give me that date which you consider for nifty Analysis?
And for predicting Intraday reversal time and price we consider Market opening time
Or pre opening time 9AM or 9:15AM?

Tekkiesuresh said...

Darshan, I use Nifty Futures First Trade Date of 12 June 2000. Starting Time is 09:55 am. That was the start time those days.
For intraday, use 09.15 am alone. 9.00 am is only bids floating around.

Darshan said...

Thanks for help, Suresh