Monday, April 13, 2015

Nifty Astro Technicals April 13 to 17 Brief Outlook

Since I have limited access to any online stuff, Iam just posting three charts for analysis..Detailed post shall be done later this week..

Time after Lunar Eclipse : 5 trading days
Jupiter Direct:2 days
Sun Conj Mercury:0 days
We are still in the reversal zone.
Sun Jupiter trine had occurred 4 trading days ago. So, still in reversal zone. So a medium term top may occur.Uranus element could cause more volatility.
Sun and Mars in Aries will cause aggressive buying and selling.

Nifty is moving in the parallel 45 degree price channels.Weekly has moved up strongly.We can see some more space to move.So Nifty is bullish in weekly situaton.

We see several time lines converging on the top.Daily is on the red arc. It takes energy to jump the arc. Daily suggests a correction at least intra week...
So the 4 day week is expected to be interesting.
op in place.No change in long positions till short term trend reverses on the hour charts.


Unknown said...

Ur brief is also quite full of explanation & as usual ur images speaks 1000 words for itself g8 job suresh bhai

Tekkiesuresh said...

Manoj, there is a lot of info in the charts.For example, you can see the cluster of aspects ganging up this week.See also the 45 deg lines in the weekly chart coming down from top to bottom ( shown as black lines).These will act as downside angle lines.Clusters will manifest their effect when the price meets overhead resistances.

Anonymous said...

thnk you sir,
appreciate the efforts

Unknown said...

Dear Suresh Ji,

I request to increase your update frequency from 1 to 2 times in a week… 1 is detailed one and another one should be some time mid of the week or based on some major move of the market and brief one…

It will be really great if you can do this favour to your followers.

Thanks 😊

Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Manish, I would dearly love to.But my other engagements and responsibilities do not allow me to do so.Whenever time permits I shall post.

Anonymous said...

hello sir,
as expected we saw an intermediate top and have initiated a short position.
can we get some levels to keep our shorts or stop loss on the upside.
thanks for the brief review it helped a lot.