Thursday, February 19, 2015

Venus and Elder

Venus Remedies is showing a low angle of Ascent. It seems to have completed one xabc format. This means there is a possibility for another xabc formation.


  1. Suresh ji.I appricate or effort and knowledge and the way u depict the chart.when u feel comfortable.can u post canara bank. And Larsen more can u please weekly one chart for any stock from nifty50 for stock options

  2. Guys, give me a break! I have been requesting you all! I cannot be going on posting several charts of different stocks. It takes quite a while to analyse, then prepare and then post these charts.Let me stick to Nifty.Please? I shall start a paid service post April 2015. If you really want a astrological and technical analysis I shall do so then.

  3. Dear Mr. Suresh,

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  4. Thanks suresh for your nifty analysis.. appreciate your efforts