Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mars in Pisces along with Venus

Mars moves through Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury stars in Pisces.Pisces  is the ninth house for Nifty futures and Mars is a malefic both naturally and functionally.While Venus, a natural benefic, is in her exaltation in Pisces. So how has Nifty fared in the past? Let us take a trip down memory lane to a few years...
In 2013, when Mars entered Pisces, shown in yellow highlight, there was a reversal of down trend and formation of a short term peak. When Venus joined Mars, Nifty resumed the down trend in a more pronounced manner.
We see the same trend in 2011. Nifty moves up from a sideways trend, forms a short term peak and then when Venus joins Mars, Nifty reacts down more pronouncedly.

Here is a complete reversal! Mars enters Pisces when Venus is already there, but in a retrograde fashion.So while Mars goes through Pisces at his pace, Venus retrogrades there and leaves Pisces only after Mars leaves. When retrograde Venus conjuncts with Mars in Pisces, we see a huge inversion- market shoots up consistently. Added catalyst is the presence of Uranus!  

Both in 2007 and in 2002 ( added as just a flavour of a more distant past), Nifty forms a top,forms a low and then reverses to a higher high. This tells us that it is the presence of Venus in direct motion,  in its exalted sign, which actually pulls the market down and causes a lower low.  
Now, I admit this exercise is too simplistic. We must consider the effects of other planets also to get a more complete picture.
So fast forward to 2015...
Let us also look at the total astro chart for some more information...

What strikes us is the total benevolent long term influences amongst these many occupants of Pisces.Jupiter forming trine with Venus, Mars and Uranus.Also Uranus and Pluto squaring for the last time in our lives.Sure, Venus will pull the market down, conjunctions of Venus with Ketu and Mars with Ketu also may pull the market down, yet because of the positive influences of the long term planets, Nifty may recover.
In other words, Nifty should move up slowly, with great volatility, brought about by Mars, Venus and Ketu conjunction.
But things definitely will come to a head in March where the positivity may give way to a move towards the mean, what is called as mean reversion.So trade cautiously.Capital protection is always the first concern.


  1. iam not perfect in it , so by astro nifty will move side or side

  2. Mosl, your query is not clear? Conclusion is there will be two way movements but Nifty will be moving up till February 22, 2015. After which there could more volatility and by March first or second week,, we should see a top.Of course this is just an inference.Trade as per your risk appetite.


  4. Pin point accuracy sureshji, sir I have gone through your analysis and it really mean a lot yo me, sureshji as i am coffee grower I want know the trend in coffee market would u please shed some light on this topic. I know your time is precious but your analysis will help me a lot.

    1. Naveen, I have no idea about commodities such as Coffee. All I know is that coffee plantations are signified by Venus, Mercury and Rahu. Possibly you should like to follow Venus cycles to understand more about coffee trends. Looking at coffee futures, I think it is in the last leg of its down trend.Jupiter in Cancer will not support commodities. So stay away from them in the first half of the year. July to September 2015 should be a good period. Anyway please consult someone more knowledgeable than me, in commodities.

    2. Thank you sureshji for your guidance

  5. Good review. What does "Mars moves through Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury stars in Pisces" mean and which of these planets will influence most

  6. Good, Shiva. You are asking questions. That is the best way to learn! The sign Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Remember the zodiac begins with Aries and ends with Pisces. Each sign consists of 30 degrees.The 30 degrees of Pisces consists of three stars,
    PURVA-BHADRAPADA : Also Known as Pooratathi, this constellation ( a constellation is a collection of stars, including galaxies) is ruled by Jupiter.This extends from 0 to 3`20' of Pisces.When Mars moves through this constellation, he will give results as given by Jupiter apart from the results given by Mars.As per Nifty Futures chart, Jupiter is in first house, and Mars is in 9th house. This is a good combination for up moves. This tendency will get modified by whom Mars meets up with and who aspects Mars. That is a different story altogether.
    From 3*21' to 16*40`of Pisces is in the constellation of UTTARA BHADRAPADA.This is also called as Uthratadhi and is ruled by Saturn. Mars will move through this constellation till March 06th. There he will give the results given by Saturn. Saturn occupies the 5th house of Scorpio for Nifty Futures. Not a very nice house from gains point of view.This is all the more apparent when Mars trines Saturn. That is they reach points in the zodiac which are 120 degrees apart. That tends to pull down the market. It also goes with Saturn tendencies in 5th.
    From 16*41` to 30*0`, it is Revathi constellation of Pisces. Revathi is ruled by Mercury.Mercury is placed in the 7th house of Nifty futures. Not a particularly great house. Since it is the third from fifth, we can expect great volatility.This is also the time, when Mars will meet up with Ketu and Uranus and so there could be great volatility or down moves.So along with the Star positions, the aspects in which a planet which goes through the star positions also matter a lot.At present times of Global connectivity, several indices in different parts of the world seem to move in tandem. This only means that the aspects are more powerful than the star positions. Because the common factor between two indices which move in tandem like S&P 500 and Nifty is the aspects and not house positions.
    Shiva, did you follow?

  7. Thanks Suresh for the detailed explanation. Taking the date of NF takes as June 12 2000 9:55 AM , I am unable to correlate the house details. Where am I wrong?

  8. Did not understand. What seems to be the problem?

  9. For instance ".As per Nifty Futures chart, Jupiter is in first house, and Mars is in 9th house". I am not seeing the Jupiter and Mars in the respective houses when using NF as June 12 2000. Hence the question. I am using Jyotishya Deepika. Thx

  10. Take the house divisions of Nifty Futures chart of 2000. Take the current positions of planets and place them in the houses. You will see what I see.Remember the birth chart shows planets as they were during birth. It is like taking a snap shot of the sky when a birth happens. This is called Natal positions. But planets keep moving don`t they? So we consider their present positions.

  11. Thanks. Appreciate your time.