Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dow Jones and Gold charts Feb 2015

We had last seen Dow Jones on November 27th 2014,which is available in this link...

Nothing much has changed with the Dow. We had expected the Dow to face resistance at 18000 levels.That is what happened. Dow turned down from 18000 and had gone down up to 17037 and is now attempting another go at 18000.As I write this article, Dow is at 17934.
So, how do the charts look now?

This time round, Dow may break 18000 and march towards 18650...

In the hourly, we see that Dow has broken out of the descending channel convincingly.

Look at the astro chart. Jupiter is in 22 degrees Cancer, while the Ascendant is at 25 deg Cancer. In April, Jupiter is becoming direct. So it will lord over Dow Jones. Jupiter happens to be a significator of 6 and 9th house.So generous price appreciation is to be expected. Also Rahu will move into the second house shortly. Since Rahu is in Moon star, this movement also may cause bullishness.Once the congestion in the 8th house dissipates, Dow is saet to take off. So we may expect other world markets also to follow suit.

Gold is a totally different market, altogether...

As can be seen, Gold is about to commence first wave of c..This means that Gold may go below $1000.

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