Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bank Nifty Astro Technicals Feb 04 2015 update

Bank Nifty movements are better understood in a comparison with Nifty..
See these two charts..

So, Bank Nifty has weakened more than Nifty of late. Levels of 18500 or so are good entry points for a pre budget rally.
Astrologically Bank Nifty is in a weak period from Jan 27, 2015. Mars is in its 8th and this will continue till March 06th. In between expect an upmove coinciding with the effect dates of Sun Jupiter opposition.

Bank Nifty might do much better after March 2015. Second half of the year should be very good for Bank Nifty. I expect Bank Nifty to outpace Nifty this year, because both Jupiter in Leo in the second and retro Saturn should be favourable for BN.


  1. Thanks a Tonne suresh bhai God Bless You you are doing really a great job

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  3. Sureshji Thanks for the update, can we assume that this correction may end at 8600 for nifty and 18500 for bank nifty.

    1. Manoj, it is better if we do not have a fixed target in mind. Let us just follow a trailing stop loss for the shorts and when the market reverses, we will get stopped out with profits.

  4. Thanks for BN analysis - helps a lot in planning out trades. Yesterday's effect was a true Sun Jupiter opp..played out well with more than 700 points swings intraday! Per western system the opp happens today Feb 6th. Do you think the effect of this event will be felt today?
    How do you see the effects of Mercury turning direct on 11th..coinciding with Delhi results?

  5. Dear Shiva,
    Sun Jupiter effect is not intra day. It will be a reversal point covering several days. February 06th is the opposition. So effect date will be between February 10th to 12th. That is next week. So Sun Jupiter opposition could be a reversal from a bottom.Intra day volatility was caused by Rahu. Intraday is a totally different kettle of fish and I plan to come out with some posts later on, once my studies are completed.Mercury direct also could coincide with Sun Jupiter effect dates and cause a market reversal. The best way to trade will be to not take a position based on the anticipation, but to keep following the market. Sometimes a reversal may not appear on the expected date, but could be pushed out by a couple of days due to some other aspect. Then we will be caught out if we had taken a position in anticipation. On the other hand, if we follow the market, with a trailing stop loss, then we end up gaining quite a lot and when the market reverses we reverse our positions also.

  6. Thanks. Makes sense. Not sure if this was explained earlier - when 6th is the opposition why does the effect takes close to a week? Does it depend on the planet - bigger or nearer to earth orbit - the sooner?

  7. Dear Shiva, I have always mentioned about Effect dates.Please check my posts including this one.The reason effect dates come into being is because there always is a need for a trigger.Most often it is caused by Moon.Sometimes by other planets.Now by 11th Feb Moon comes to Visaka star ruled by Jupiter.So Moon behaves like Jupiter It will be in 22 Libra forming a square with Jupiter.Then when Moon moves to 28 degrees in Libra then it forms a square with Sun.Moon continuescto be in Visaka.So Moon acts as a translator of Energies of Jupiter and Sun.This could be a possible reason for the delayed effect.Any way always look for an Effect date for all major aspects.