Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ashok Leyland a technical view ( February 10, 2015)

Since the long term chart is showing that wave 3 has ended and 4 has begun, it would be prudent for investors,to use the imminent upmove on budgetary conditions to get out of Ashok Leyland for the time being. For the short term of a month or so, Ashok Leyland can be bought and possibly sold off post budget.
After the 4th wave, which may last a few months, (fewer than wave 2 because wave 2 was complex and so wave 4 could be simple) Ashok Leyland could be bought for the medium term and ride wave 5 upwards into 2016.  If Ashok Leyland is available between Rs 45-50 after the budget correction, it may be a good medium term buy.


  1. THANK you sir. Can you please do astrological analysis of it because your astrological analysis of scripts are very helpful

    1. Dear Atharva, I shall post the astro analysis, but a word of caution. Use astro analysis for confirmation of technicals and not the other way around. If you had been following my blog, I keep telling that astro has to be used as a leading indicator only and not as a sole source to make trades.

  2. Sureshji can u help me with wockhart anfd LT for this series

  3. Sure Manoj, within the next couple of days.

  4. Sureshji can u help me with jpassociate

  5. Dear mosl, Iam stopping this individual stock analysis work because it is consuming more time. I plan to start this as a chargeable service later on, possibly in April 2015..You may contact me in my mail id,