Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ind Swift Laboratories

Ind Swift Laboratories seems to have bottomed out at 22 and technically the prolonged correction from 2004 seems to have come to an end.The stock is beginning a new cycle as of now.
What does Astro say?
The stock is currently undergoing Rahu period with Jupiter sub period.
Rahu is in the second house but in Moon star. Moon is a 12th house lord for this stock. So unless Rahu moves to Sun star, we may not see much traction.Also Jupiter must come out of the retrograde period. Rahu comes to Sun star on July 13, 2015.And Jupiter becomes direct on April 09th. So post April 09th, Ind Swift may start a steady uptrend.After June 2015, Ind Swift enters the Saturn sub period. As long as Saturn is retrograde, this uptrend or sideways trend may continue. Once Saturn becomes direct on August 03rd, things could turn difficult and only when Saturn enters Mercury star on December 29, 2015, shall the uptrend resume once again.



  1. Suresh,
    Could u post LT astro view for Venus Remedies & Elder Pharma.

  2. Need to ask one more question. How do u get the astro chart for companies? How does one input the details to get the astro chart?

    1. Just take out the day of first trade and cast a chart for the Company.Day of first trade can be googled.

  3. Dear sureshji,
    Please can u make astro chart for Tata global beverages.
    Thanking you