Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nifty Astro view for November 2014

Nifty Astro November 03 to 07, 2014
Most significant change this month is that Saturn moves into Scorpio.
On November 02, 2104, Sunday, at 02:05:45 am, Saturn moves from Libra into Scorpio. He remains in Scorpio, till October 25, 2017, Wednesday, 03:37:53 pm. That is for a full 3 years.
Early part of the week will be dominated by the effects of Venus and Sun respectively in waning trine with Neptune
By November 3rd and 5th, both Venus and Sun form trines with Chiron, another slow moving celestial body.
By November 9th, Venus squares Jupiter.
By 10th, Mars conjuncts Pluto and on 12th, he squares Uranus. The month long Ketu- Jupiter trine comes to an end.( crest  by 18th or stronger trough)
By November 12, Venus conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio.
By November 13, Sun squares Jupiter.
By November 18, Sun will conjunct Saturn.
On November 20, Mars will square Rahu and Ketu. On the same day, Venus will square Neptune.
On November 26, Venus will trine Neptune. On the same day Sun will square Neptune. Next day Venus will square Chiron.
Meanwhile Uranus and Pluto will be moving towards their square formation on December 15, 2014.  

In short, we are going to see a time band where faster moving planets will mostly conjunct and square the slower planets.
Both Venus and Sun trine correlates with some topping action. So the present optimism in the markets may persist upto November 07th. (07th also happens to be a Full Moon. So reversals are a possibility.) Thereafter, weaknesses would begin to manifest. Since Jupiter trine with Ketu will be removed, by November 10th, optimism will start reducing. We are still awaiting the bottom formation after the recent Solar Eclipse. But there could be heavy volatility in the week 10 th to 14th and then some stronger declines.
It looks like we will have an important top in November 2014 which could form a bottom by first week of December 2014.
In effect, upto November 07/10-optimistic.Unfortunately, we have only three trading days next week.
Of the three, only November 07th looks positive.
November 10 to 18- dualistic. (Between 15 and 22, three major planets have their extreme declinations. Neptune, Saturn and Pluto.)   
November 19 th to December 04-pessimistic.
This is our take for November 2014.
Nevertheless, unless the market takes a turn we will not initiate a trade. No anticipatory trades for us.

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