Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mars in Sagittarius-across the years

Gann gave a lot of importance to the movements of Mars-he considered it as a market planet.He refers to Mars as the "Key" to market moves in the short term.
So what was the market effect when Mars was in Sagittarius, over the years. I have compiled some observations based on Nifty movements.

I have clubbed together the years Mars was in Sagittarius-1996 to 2001 into one chart here. We see that in those years every visit of Mars in Sagittarius was seen to cause a significant drop or bottom formation.In the initial years there used to be a secondary bottom when Mars was in Capricorn or Aquarius but in later years, after Mars left Sagittarius, we see significant recoveries happening. Important thing here is significant bottom formation in Sagittarius. 
 In 2003, we did not see any significant bottom formation, that actually shifted to Capricorn. So something has changed.Let us see the astro charts...

 Which is the closest planet to Mars? It is Pluto. Being a heavy weight planet, it has started influencing Mars.

In 2005, we see a bottom formation before Mars enters Sagittarius and then towards the period Mars is about to leave Sagi, there is another reversal. This time Pluto is only minutes apart, when Mars enters Sagittarius.
Aha! Transformation! Mars is meeting Pluto in Sagittarius. Since Pluto is such a slow moving Planet, its move into Sagittarius from Scorpio. is a massive shift..several new trends are getting set up here.In hindsight we know that all subprime was about to boil over in a year`s time!
Anyway the trend is that we get a bottom when Mars enters Sagittarius and also a smaller top when is is closer to the exit from Sagi.

Here the regular pattern has got hugely distorted by the "crowd" in Sagittarius and important lesson for us as to what happens to trends when there is overcrowding of planets with different kinds if energy all jostling together.Still we see a dominant trend of reversal closer to Mars exiting Sagittarius.

In 2010, we are back to the old pattern..A bottom formation just prior to Mars in Sagi, followed by an uptrend and then a beak down closer to Mars exiting Sagi.
 And in 2012, nothing much has changed..Two bottoms one prior and one after Mars  in Sagi, then a rise and importantly, a drop just before Mars leaves Sagi...
And now in 2014...
True to form we had a bottom just before Mars entered Sagi, on October 17th, and then a spectacular rise.Most consistent has been that there be a reversal before Mars exits Sagittarius...There are 8 more trading days before Mars exits Sagi...
Will there be a fall? You judge!There are enough other astro reasons as shown above....     


Kannan Srinivas said...

My Dear Sureshji

Humongous stuff and extraordinary presentation of facts of the past.

Kudos to you.



ambishiva said...

good oen


it seems time cycles mentioned in previous mail is working ....
top made at 8455 and we are in correction mode till 24 to 29 dec

Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Pankaj,
Please see today`s post for an elaboration. I did not answer earlier, because I wanted to put up the charts along with my rejoinders.

Warm Regards