Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nifty Astro Technicals- Astro picture Nov 10 to 14 2014

Nov 10 Mars conjunct Pluto. Ketu Jupiter trine ends. The trine formation of Venus and Sun with Neptune will show its effect this week.
Venus square Jupiter
Nov 11 Moon opposes the Mars Pluto conjunction
Nov 12 Sun starts to square Jupiter
Venus moves into Scorpio. And begins to conjunct Saturn. Mars begins to oppose Uranus
Nov 13:By the week end, Sun will be in firm square to Jupiter.
Neptune also goes into deep declination this weekend, before turning direct next week.
Long suffering Librans have Venus, Sun and Mercury moving through their signs this week. Soon all these planets will move into Scorpio and Librans can heave a sigh of relief.
For the markets, all the formations indicate a reversal of the existing trend. It could be another collective downswing in all indices, with Nifty and Sensex swinging down lesser than others.
Since planets are moving out from the sign of balance into the sign of aggressiveness and intensity, volatility can only increase from now on.
In fact negativity in one form or other will be present till December 04, 2014.But we are still in a long term uptrend because the biggies are yet to commit to one another.

This matches with the technical pictures as well…so take care with your longs.

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