Thursday, July 25, 2013

Technical View of Nifty July 25 2013

9 day RSI is about to penetrate 30 day RSI on the downside. This is bearish for the short term.

Broader markets are not participating at all in the current rise. This divergence is also negative.

Cycle lines and Gann Supports are shown here. Long term up trend is still intact.


Rama said...



what will be effect if the planets are in rahu star will it depend on the position of rahu? can u briefly explain the effects +ve or -ve.please explain the effect of starlords for all the planets if ur time permits
Thanks in advance

Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Rama,
Yes, the position of Rahu is important. We can examine this in two angles.
1. From Nifty Futures Natal Chart view point:As per this chart, Rahu signifies 10 and 12 houses predominantly. It is also aspected powerfully by Saturn by its 3rd house aspect.So Rahu can give 11th house results when connected to Saturn.
That is Rahu when connected to self will give 10 and 12 results.
Rahu with Jupiter-Again 10 12,5 and 9
Rahu with Saturn-11th house
Rahu with Mercury-12 th house
Rahu with Ketu 11th house
Rahu with Venus-11th house and so on.
Now we cannot merely connect with Rahu alone and interpret. We look into the planets conjointly ruling as per Vimshottari Dasa and then conclude.As per this, we are currently in Rahu Dasa-Venus Bhukthi-Venus Antara-Saturn Sookshma. So we look at the stellar positions of Rahu,Venus and Saturn. We find that 10th house is the most common for all three followed by 11th house.So we conclude that during this Sookshma, Nifty will turn down from a high or crest.
Now the transit also has to agree with the Natal.When this will happen may be worked out using the daily transits. It isnot necessary to know all the star positions of all the planets. Either the Dasa planets or the ruling planets for a particular period will provide the answer.

Warm Regards


Wacky Punter said...

Eagerly Awaiting your next post!

Sukrut said...

Sir i really like the way you explained us this detail science. One question i would like to ask i read some from some books ...mercury is behind sun now and it will go close to sun in accelarate speed day by day which guve support to market. Sir how much this basic study applicable to current situation ?

once again thanks a lot.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Sukrut,
In other words you are explaining about Mercury becoming combust. This is an important market timing tool. 21st July Mercury became direct.It was 15*17' behind Sun.We had lunar events around this time like declinations, Full Moon etc. So this marks a reversal time. Depending on the direction of Nifty we take a position. Since Nifty was rising, we take a short position ( with stop loss of course )Around August 25, Mercury will conjunct Sun and become combust.August 21, is Full Moon.Mercury will also enter Ketu star. Sun is already in Ketu star. So this marks a reversal- from- bottom time.Then Mercury speeds up and around September 10th/11th, it reaches a position 15 degrees away from the Sun. That could possibly mark another reversal point.
Hope this helps.

Warm Regards


Kiran said...

I have been a student of KP Astrology and this blog was interesting to see as i am stock Trader as well. I used traded in Nifty futures always and this site has so much i always looked for ! Thanks for all the posts.
Can you let me know by your experience what is the right time/date/place of NSE Nifty Index so that i can use KP Astrology Sub lords to see Economic cycles behaviour.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Kiran
Try Nifty Futures date. This will work just as fine. The date and time are more authentic.
12 June 2000. 09.55 am.Monday.NSE Coordinates:72:51:35 East and 19:03:37 North
KP Ayanamsa: 23:46:23

Warm Regards