Monday, July 1, 2013

Kala Sarpa Yoga and Nifty

Kala Sarpa Yoga
happens when all the traditional planets travel to one side of Rahu Ketu axis. The Yogam ends when one of the traditional planets crosses over to the other side.

On September 18, 09:19:02 am, Saturn will move post the coordinates of Rahu and end the Kala Sarpa Yoga.
How does it affect Nifty?
By increased volatility..

It generally is a depressive aspect. But then bears when depressed go for short covering and market rises. So we see both rise and fall during Kala Sarpa Yoga times.


shriram said...


This is fascinating.

some ppl say Kal sarpa is bad on a person's hora as well ?

Do u also analyse personal horoscopes ? Pls let me have ur email ID, if so.


Unknown said...

When all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. There are two type of kala sarpa yoga, one is anshik kala sarpa yoga and other is full kala sarpa yoga. There is the remedies of this yoga is also available.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Shriram,
I generally limit my astrology to the markets.My personal passion is Financial Astrology. As for personal astrology, there are several giants out there who do a great job. Regarding Kala Sarpa Yoga, it is a matter of imbalance mostly. When all the planets are to one side then there is tendency to go to extremes with what one does or thinks. Interestingly this KSY is happening when Rahu is in Libra. Libra as you know is all about balancing!If kala Sarpa Yoga happens when Rahu Ketu axis is Scorpio-Taurus things could be worse.Also the position of Rahu in your chart when this happens is also important. For a Virgo ascendant, ( not Moon sign) this KSY will cause extreme distress in terms of income flow, not being to keep up one`s words etc. For a Scorpio ascendant this will bring about widespread losses. For a Libra Ascendant this will manifest as health issues. For a Sagittarius ascendant, this will manifest as increase in friendships or increase in unearned or illegal on and so forth. Now since Nifty Futures is going through Rahu Mahadasa, this period could bring in huge volatility. Since Libra is the 4th house, this also means that forces against volatility are also awakened.
Personally I would not be much worried about this KSY. We simply need to focus on our jobs and think only in terms of good for this period to quickly pass.Of course we need to be smart enough to make use of any increased volatility!

Warm Regards


Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for adding your bit. Yes there are several kinds of Kala Sarpa Yoga and there are quite effective remedies as well.

Warm Regards


athma said...

Thank you for doing a selfless job of creating awareness about the planetary movements affecting NIFTY. Kindly throw light on the price movements in gold.

Garikapti said...

Excellent explanation

Garikapti said...

Dear Shriram, if you are interested I can suggest 5-6 good astrologers from Bangalore

Sameer Bhai said...

Suresh Ji
Na idhar ke rahe na udhar ke
Neither did u explain "Kalsarpam" well nor did u point its effect on Nifty
Tell us in one line whether its up or down
Nifty can be volatile and still go up
Nifty can be volatile and still go down

You definitely did not invite me to read ur post and i do not have any reason why I should put this question to u

I have gone through "most" of your posts but i do not find any convincing reason to decide whether i should be long or short on the basis of your observations with regard to planetary positions.

I have no reason to defame you but the crux is why should I or anybody (a trader in nifty) read ur posts for initiating a trade

You say you are putting an unusual aspect of Nifty but what is that unusual aspect which seperates u from other technical analysts

The big question is Does Nifty actually follow astro?
Has there been a full moon when nifty did not fall "drasicall"?
Has there been a new moon when did not rise unabatedly?

Ask these question to urself and reply

As regards the time of birth etc. I think all the stocks were born the day trading started in them and not the day they were listed on any stock exchange but when was nifty born... the day futures trading started or the day punters in mumbai started "unofficial" trade in nifty spot?

Most welcome to delete this comment if you please to do so

Garikapti said...

It is not easy to link Astrology to Stock market. For other areas of life, our great Rishis like Parashara provided guidance. There is no guidance available from them on Stock market. Hence, we need to develop a workable model.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Sameer,
You are welcome to disagree with my observations. I have no problem. As Garikapti points out it is not easy to link Astrology with Stock markets and we need to develop a workable model.
If you have read my posts you would observe that I do give clear cut positions. What I do which most others do not do, is to give as many arguments as possible to explain why I reach any particular conclusion.
In the post just before the one on KalaSarpam,whose link is given below,,
I had arrived at the following conclusions..
"What could happen when Saturn turns direct on July 08, 2013?
Markets are rising towards the stationary direct situation. Given an orb of 5 trading days, we could possibly see a crest forming.. that is on or before July 17, 2013.Interesting thing is overall trend seems to be up..Now will Jupiter in Gemini cause a hiccup to the long term up trend? We will have to wait and see!" It is clear that Iam expecting a crest formation by July 17, 2013.
In the post before that,,
I have mentioned that I expect a market reversal around July 10. I have given several astro reasons why I think so.
I had clearly given reasons that when Jupiter moves out of Taurus, the uptrend which began in June 2012, will come to an end. We did see that happen. Now let me hasten to add that Iam not a Master in this Science. Iam just a beginner.So I expect to make several mistakes. Only thing is my mistakes will be out in the open so that others have a chance to correct me. Also this serves as a collection of articles and pointers which I can refer back anytime I want, in the future. (Contd…)

Tekkiesuresh said...

I have never asked anyone to initiate trades based on what I say.In fact I always request people to do their own thing and follow their methods. However, I have used these methods successfully and I felt that these could be of some use to some people who believe that astro and technicals do have a say in any and every event of life, why alone stock markets.
This blog is not about giving calls. This is about an attempt to understand whether there is correlation between the celestial bodies and the movement of stocks.
Till date I do not have any reliable method to pinpoint exact levels of rise and fall. That is where I use my technical skills, whatever little I have.
Regarding market falling and rising in response to Full Moon and New Moon, where have I said that? In fact if you follow my posts closely you will notice that I use several lunar behaviour, not just New Moon or Full Moon alone. Declinations, Latitudes and Distances are some of them.
Regarding whether my interest is unusual or not, I leave it to the readers. I had felt that using astro in the way Iam using along with technicals, is an unusual method of analysing stock movements. Here I may differ in your assessment of what is unusual.Pardon me.
Regarding the birth time of an index, I tend to think that the day it is officially announced as tradeable is the one we must reckon. For stocks, it is the first trade date. In fact there are several companies abroad which sell first trade dates and incorporation dates of stocks listed in the US Exchanges. Here I had simply followed Universal Practices.What is more important for me, is that they seem to work.
Dear Sameer, It is not easy to do what Iam doing. It takes several hours of painstaking work. I am putting it all up so that people who are interested could use them.I have no objections in you disagreeing with me. My only request is that please go through the posts fully before coming to a conclusion.
Regarding Kala Sarpa Yoga, your question to me was " What is your view on Kala Sarpa Yogam?" Instead if simply answering you off handedly I had gone to the trouble of illustrating Kala Sarpa Yoga on an astro chart and showing you how it adds to the volatility. The truth is Nifty movement is not because of some yoga but because of stellar effects and aspects. A yoga will simply add or subtract from the stella effect. In my reply to Shriram also I had given my opinion on KalaSarpa Yoga.
Pray my friend what more should I do?
Finally even if no one reads my posts, it does not matter. The very discipline of observing and creating these posts serves as a great learning for me. Just for the posts, Iam forced to find time and that forced discipline has worked wonders for me.
Thank you Sameer for giving me an opportunity to explain my stance on my passion and its presentation.

Warm Regards

Tekkiesuresh said...

Thanks Garikapti. I fully agree.

Warm Regards


Sameer Bhai said...

Thanks for ur quick response
Will revert soon

Garikapti said...

Dear Suresh, I am also working on this subject for several years. Shall appreciate if you can send me email to

Kannan Srinivas said...

Dear Sameer,

Sorry for an unsolicited reply from my side.. Suresh ji is doing an wonderful job of presenting both wave counts with astro analysis.. His passion towards a wholesome presentation is evident when you go through his blog.. Kindly give this selfless man the due credit.. At least, do not discredit him with your comments. The greatness lies in this man, who could have chose to ignore you comments and moved on. But his reply is so genuine and my respect towards him has grown..

I am a novice, and only after going through his blog, I am able to get some sense of important turning points through astro analysis..His astro analysis have been spot on in the past.Some kind of astro insights can be developed only after following over a prolonged period of time, for which one should be patient enough..

Sorry, If I have been impertinent and hurt you by reply..

Best wishes

Kannan Srinivasan

Ankit said...

Dear Sameer...No need to revert. People like you only discourage someone who is doing good for humanity. You can't do any good to society and just come on blogs to criticize others. If you are a good analyst then give your views with reasons etc. But I know you can't do it consistently bcoz your intentions are not true so please let not spoil this blog with your unwanted/unnecessary comments.


Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Garikapti,

Is your email correct? Iam not able to send any mail to this address. Please check.

Warm Regards