Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Astro Technicals June 17 2013

We all know that the market moves in cycles. There are long term cycles and short term cycles.If astro aspects also influence the markets then the cycles and the aspects must have something in common. Just an attempt to understand how the cycles behaved,in the past,   along with astro aspects, by itself is a fascinating area of research.
In my own humble way, here is a small exploration as to how cycles could behave in the near future..

The uptrend from 5477 had three parts to it.12 days, 10 and 8 days. The last small cycle see a crest formation at 6229.45.So the cmall cycle is counted in the down turn as well. We then see a larger cycle of 14 days which had brought the price down to 5683.10.Currently we are seeing the next cycle unfold..
Now comes the tricky part..How will it unfold?
We turn to Financial Astrology for some guidance..
1. We know from our observations seen in                     
that the immediate declinations and aspects will lead to a turn post June 24.So the current rise could take a pause at that time.Could that be a wave of C?
2. June 24, is when we have transiting Venus conjunct natal Rahu in Cancer. This has always lead to a reversal. So could we see a small crest being formed and prices drifting downwards.
3. June 26 to July 20 is Mercury retrograde period.  So by July 02, 2013, downward drift could cease and price could move up as c of C.
4. Central time band of Mercury retrograde is around July 08/09.Sun is trine Neptune and Saturn on June 26th and this signature has its time band also as July 08/09.So we could see an important crest formation by July 08/09.
5.  July 15 is Saturn trine Jupiter. July 18 is Neptune trine Jupiter.So we could expect a secondary bottom by around August 5, with the first bottom, soon after July 22, when the retrograde period of Mercury ends.
So these are the postulates. Even if Nifty does not follow this path, we are sure to learn a lot from Nifty`s movements in this time band.

Looking at the current price movement, 5888-5900 seems to be  the first level of resistance.

Here is a look at the Hourly...

We notice that apart from 5900, we should also look at 6050.