Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nifty Some more Astro- March 18 onwards...

For a change Iam using Zero Ayanamsa, which means the above charts will somewhat resemble western Astro charts.
In the chart marked as A, on March 23, 2013, Saturn and Jupiter will be 150 degrees away  which is a long term negative aspect.Moon meanwhile is perfectly placed to translate the energy.At the same time, Uranus and Mars are becoming conjunct in Aries.A sudden down move which can continue, cannot be ruled out.
We move on to Chart B by March 27, 2013. It is a Full Moon.Mars squares Pluto. By forming a sextile with Jupiter, Mars conducts the square energy to Jupiter as well. This makes the aspect formation as negative. However Sun and Venus form a conjunction which could counter the negativity. We expect more volatility with up moves followed by swift down moves or vice versa.
By March 29, 2013, Sun, Venus and Uranus are all conjunct. Mercury forms a square with Jupiter and conducts negativity to Pluto by means of a sextile with Pluto. I cannot think of any positive vibe with this formation.
By April 01, Sun and Venus also square Pluto.Mercury square with Pluto increases in intensity.Nifty may move down a bit.
As I had explained couple of posts earlier, Lunar effects are also not very positive this week. ( March 18 to 22).But then the formations are not strong.Even if we have buy positions now, maybe we should think of squaring off by the weekend because the the heavens are quite busy next week, which we  just  saw.
It is not a to be brave or complacent.Have strict stop losses and act only after the price moves in the anticipated direction.
Have a great week of trading!

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