Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals March 19 2013

As expected Nifty breached 5815 and went down into the 5700s.  Hawkish guidance by RBI, Government attempting to rob citizen depositors in Cyprus, DMK pulling out of UPA...for Technicals and Astro Analysis, these things do not really matter..All we are interested in are the price movements.
The extent of the drop makes us look at the labels ever so slightly..makes us  expect a small bounce before the next plunge....
One of interesting theories of Astro Analysis is that if we have one or two planets alone forming aspects or being involved in the dynamics of the movement then those planets acquire the power to give results for the movement. And so Moon alone with its vagaries produced a stunning fall today.

And we are not the only ones with such a tendency..
Look at S&P..

Trade safely..There really is no hurry to make money.

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