Sunday, March 31, 2013

Astro Technicals for the week April 01 to 05 2013

This April the world gets into an action mode. Come April 14, the day when the Sun moves into Aries, the action zone, it will have two more companions in Mars and Venus alongside.All the three of them will oppose Saturn first and then Rahu in Libra by the month end.Increased volatility and sudden developments are to be expected.Sun is into its exaltation and so Government initiatives  to resolve economic difficulties may be seen, but there may be powerful opposition from the masses for any taxation or austerity measures. 
With Sun, Mars and Venus all in Ashwini from April 14th, the Indian New Year should start on a bullish note.  We may have to watch out from April 22 onwards, when fist of the trio, Venus  opposes Saturn....
Let us begin from the beginning....
We start with the Moon charts:
 The little blue circles are turning dates for the market.The small red squares are dates of extreme declination of one of the planets. April 1 is Venus, 13 is Pluto and on 28, mighty Saturn goes into extreme declination.
From a trading perspective, April 01, may see a low formation. Markets may open higher and then fall back.Since April 01 is a turn date, if technicals agree, we may go long. If Nifty moves up, keep moving the stop loss upwards till March 05 or 08.Once we are stopped out on April 05 or 08,then simply go short.
Again if Nifty falls keep dropping the stop loss as well till Nifty stops and reverses. Possibilities for SAR increase from April 13 th onwards.In other words, from April 14 we must be long in the market, with stop losses of course.

Let us look at the astro charts :

So the Astro charts seem to agree with the lunar charts.
How were the Sun Venus and Mars Venus conjunctions of the past?

Sun Venus conjunction happened on March 28, around 15.30 pm. We all saw what happened to Nifty in the closing hours on Thursday. Since these are fast moving planets what we see are short term reversals.
Let us also look at Mars Venus conjunction, which is slated to take place on April 06, 2013. ( April 06 is a Saturday, so effects are to be seen on April 05 and April 08, 2013.)

We see the trend taking a dip and then continuing. So we expect the week April 08 to 12 to be a reaction week and then the up trend which seems to be ready to begin from April 02, to continue from April 15 onwards.
How does all this look from a technical perspective?

See the next post.

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