Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Effects of Mars entering Pisces

From the beginning of this year, 2013, we were seeing one phenomenon after other having an effect on the markets. First it was Jupiter turning direct, then Saturn retrograde, Mercury retrograde and now let us look at Mars entering Pisces.

What do we see? We see an up trend, topping out during the middle of the movement of Mars in Pisces...

Here are more examples..Always a rise followed by a reaction...

In 2011, again we saw a big rise, followed by a distribution.
Today on March 05, 2013, we saw the beginning of a big rise. If history is any guide to be taken cognisant of, then we should see the present bounce continue upwards considerably before turning back.

How much more could the bounce go?

It looks like 5853 is the first important resistance followed by 5899...

Trade safely.

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