Saturday, March 23, 2013

Astro Technicals for March 25 2013

It was a clear week of down trend in the Nifty.

Count wise, one more x formation is on the cards. Technically there can be one more.Iam hesitant to put a bottom yet because the Astro indicators are not yet positive.After the bounce up there may be one more down move. We will see this in detail in a later post.
Possibly we are nearing the end of the present down move.

 5815 is just an upper limit. Expect Nifty to turn down sooner also.Bounce could last for 2 days.That should also account for short covering.
Still it is better to wait for a direction from Nifty. Whatever I had mentioned above are simply directional expectations. If Nifty moves as indicated then for short term we can go long, with strict stop loss of course.If the stop loss triggers, then the above analysis simply did not hold water and in that case, reverse your position and go short.
This is the best way to use all analysis. If we remove trading in anticipation, we are sure to make money.

Happy week end!


  1. i have been watching this site since long time and i have to say this is a great great analysis. everything you mention is almost true most of the times(every time). thanks