Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Astro Technicals Update 20 Jan 2015

Here is an updated chart of what I had posted last Sunday. The key thing is the Gann arc. I think it will hold. See the arc, 8700 line, 8700 bar chart and the red angle line.
What if Nifty crosses 8731 and appreciates much further. Then my counts were wrong and Nifty is already in C of Xabc.
But, I need more confirmation for this. Else, I still favour a c of b down, however small.
Super New Moon, Mercury retro are all approaching in the next two days...
So be cautious. Do not get carried away. Let fortune favour the brave. We prefer safety first!


The analyst said...

thanks for update

Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh,
Thanks for the timely update and superb analysis from various angle.. wishing success for your hard work..

Unknown said...

Please let us know when you are convinced that larger c of X abc has started and what will be the minimum target and how long time wise can it last. Thanks and Regards.

The analyst said...

Sureshji, it looks like our level of 8731 has be crossed decisively. any change in count. thanks

Anonymous said...

Sureshji any view??

Tekkiesuresh said...

Friends, see my update today.