Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Strictly Nifty June 27, 2012

We have been looking at planetary transits as they apply to the whole world as such. But most of us trade the Indian markets only and so specific planetary aspects for Nifty alone, will be of interest. While most of the time the Indian markets correlate and are in sync with the global markets, there are several instances when they are out of step also. For example in the beginning of the week, when the world markets sold off quite heavily, Nifty did not go down as much.While the US Markets scaled great heights and hit all time highs in  March- May 2012,Nifty, in the same time period,. did not cross the top made in 2011.
See charts below:
Which means the specific factors governing movements of specific markets have to be looked into. Since our interest is astrological correlation, let us see how to look at specific planetary factors for our own Nifty.
I have taken  the planetary positions of Nifty futures chart ( Nifty`s first trade chart or Horoscope, if you will) and have compared with the present day planetary positions, to know whether we can learn anything about the immediate market directions.
Comparisons are between Nifty natal positions and Nifty planetary positions as of June 27, 2012, 09..15 am, Mumbai coordinates. The comparison looks interesting, to say the least!
Aspects shown in black are bullish and all of them are weakening.
Transit Mars is applying to Natal Mars in a square formation.It is expected to be exact at 10.38 am tomorrow ( June 28, 2012.)
Transit Saturn is in a negative 150 degree formation with Natal Saturn. By August first week, this formation could turn into a powerful opposition.
With all the other information given in recent posts about June 27-30 periods, let us be cautious.
Before signing off, here are a couple of technical charts....

As usual, these are only indicative. It simply adds to caution or conviction depending on what kind of position we are holding.My take is always to wait for price action to confirm whatever we expect and only then act.
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