Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Interesing Gann Angles, June 20, 2012


money said...

As per your astro analysis huge correction was expected, but still hasn't come. By when will such huge correction come? In June series itself or later?

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Tekkiesuresh said...

Dear Mamata,
If you carefully read my posts, especially on Uranus and Pluto square configurations, you will notice that my expectations are a couple of months away, for the huge sell off.
Why so?
Astrologically every configuration such as a square, opposition, conjunction or a trine,has got a time orb. That is the corresponding event does not occur immediately, but after a time delay.This is especially so in Financial Astrology.This is what I have referred to as "manifestation time." So, a relatively smaller configuration such as 'a Venus retrograde station or a Mars-Sun square formation takes 7 to 11 days for a full manifestation'.Often times a third formation connecting the original aspect acts as a trigger. This is why clusters of different astrological signatures occurring close by are powerful triggers.If a third triggering formation occurs very close to a powerful aspect like Saturn-Jupiter opposition or square, then the orb-time also gets reduced considerably. In other words,the connected event will manifest quickly in such cases.
Coming back to your question, the greatest astrological formation, now in the skies, is the Uranus-Pluto square on June 24, 2012.A formation between very slow moving planets such as Uranus and Pluto will have an orb of couple of months.So the corresponding events will manifest in a couple of months.( This could also come down based on other astrological events. We will examine them closely in future posts.)When slow moving planets come within one degree of 5 degrees of being direct itself the underlying ground picture begins to worsen or improve depending on the formation. This is why we are seeing progressively worsening debt situations across the globe, for some time now.
What is amazing is the underlying theme of "credit explosion-leading to huge increase in asset values-and then a debilitating implosion". This has been the theme every time Uranus and Pluto come in a difficult configuration.
See what wikepedia has to say about the reasons for the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939:

"In the Austrian view it was this inflation of the money supply that led to an unsustainable boom in both asset prices (stocks and bonds) and capital goods. By the time the Fed belatedly tightened in 1928, it was far too late and, in the Austrian view, a significant economic contraction was inevitable. According to the Austrians, the artificial interference in the economy was a disaster prior to the Depression, and government efforts to prop up the economy after the crash of 1929 only made things worse."
Just recollect the recent news headlines. Not very different isn`t it?
In the meantime there are other formations which are causing an improvement in the market. And the markets are rising.But only for the time being.
Having said these, let the markets guide you on your day to day positions and trades.

money said...

Dear Suresh,
Thanks for the detailed explanation. I need your guidance so could you mail me your email id at

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ribu said...

21 was date given by many person for sell off itis proving correct as per usa data