Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nifty June 04 to 08, 2012, a KP Astro view

Ruling planets for the week beginning June 04 to 08 are Saturn and Moon. Now, Saturn and Moon are significators of eighth, seventh, fifth and third houses of this weekly chart. Moon begins the week by moving through Anusham, a Saturn star.
On June 4th itself, Moon moves into Kettai star, ruled by Mercury. Now Mercury signifies 12th house. So we may expect a negative movement in the later half of the trading day.
On June 05th, 2012, Moon moves in Moolam star, ruled by Ketu. Ketu is in Rohini, a star ruled by Moon. Since Ketu is a node, it will act as if it is the Moon itself. Since Moon rules the eighth house this week, we cannot expect too much of positivity on Tuesday either.
On   June 06th, Wednesday, Moon will be in Pooradam,a star ruled by Venus. Now Venus   also is  in Rohini, ruled by Moon! So the negative bias may continue. One critical difference is that Venus is conjunct Sun, so a positive effect may nullify the negativity.
On June 07th, 2012, Moon is in Uthradam. Unfortunately Sun is also in Rohini and so Moon`s effect may dominate. Negativity doesn`t truly go away, despite Sun being positioned in the 11th house.
On June 08th, Moon moves into   Thiruvonam, a star ruled by Moon herself. Thiruvonam happens to be in Capricorn, a house ruled by Saturn. Saturn on this day is in Mars star of Chitthirai, in the sub of Saturn himself. Both Saturn and Mars are malefic and up to no good.
From 09.15 am on Monday, June 04th to 15.30 hrs on Friday, June 08th, the  ascendant moves in the stars of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars. None of these stars are particularly positive, this week.,
Does seem like a week meant for bears isn`t it?
However, let us wait for price confirmation at every stage, before we take positions. Please consult your advisors before acting on such information.  


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