Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nifty June 04 to 08, 2012

Global markets all shook last week. We have been expecting this for some time now. A rare square of Uranus Pluto has begun. Since there are going to be 7 occasions where these two planets are going to square each other, it appears there will be no respite till March 17,2015. Ingress of Saturn into Scorpio in October 2012,will place it in a mutual reception situation with Pluto. That is Pluto will be in Capricorn, a house of Saturn and Saturn will be in Scorpio, which belongs to Pluto.This will add great strength to both these tough planets. Uranus, known for causing revolutions and upheavels, will just add an uncertain and sudden change angle to the whole situation.
Of course there will always be periods of respite and bounce backs but the writing on the wall is inevitable. Change in a massive way, is upon us.The sooner we adjust, the better.
And thereafter there will be no place to hide, for those large bankers and hedge funds and for their Governments who had always turned a blind eye for all the " rules breaking for profits" which these entities had been engaged in,,for so long. 

As for India, it will be a price to pay for all the sloth in policy making and for creating a great breeding ground for bigger and bigger scams.Pluto sits in the eigth house of India`s chart.I had mentioned a couple of weeks back about bears coming out of hibernation...Well they truly have..

June 04 to June 08, 2012
(Based on Sayana Positions of Planets)

Planetary Aspects
Lunar effects
Short Term
Long term
June 04 2012-Monday
Moon begins the week in Sagittarius-a house of extreme movements. It also reaches its maximum southern declination. Sun, Venus and Mercury continue to be in Gemini till June 07th.By 16.41 Moon will be exactly opposite the Sun, which is Lunar Eclipse. Since this eclipse follows the Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012, it will translate the negative effects of that first eclipse.
Mercury trines Saturn.
Retrograde Venus will square Mars from today onwards.
Moon comes out of a conjunction with Rahu and a trine with Uranus. Both do not look positive.
Neptune becomes standstill as a preclude for Retrograde motion. Negative effects will continue for crude. Neptune stands for dreamlike optimism and its retrograde will bring in pessimism.
Uranus-Pluto square-will be exact on June 24, Sunday at 14:38:49 Hrs.
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012.
On June 05, Venus will make a rare occultation with the Sun                  (eclipse).This again is a development with very negative consequences for the economies, for the medium term. This will lead to severe shake outs in several markets, over time.
As mentioned last week, Nifty trend was with a decidedly downward bias. The dark effects of Uranus Pluto square have started to work rather earnestly. Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagi combo has not caused any reversal in the past. So I do not expect a New Moon reversal.  If at all the market opens positively due to Mercury Saturn effect, it is only another opportunity for selling on rises. The downtrend is expected to continue today. The waning square of Venus to Mars should cause a trough within 7 trading days.
(June 12).
June 05 2012-Tuesday
Moon starts moving up from its extreme southern declination.  
Within the first 30 minutes, Ascendant passes through the 45 * midpoint (121*) of Venus Mars square.
Moon and Mercury are moving to an opposition to each other.

Sun is moving towards a conjunction with Venus on Wednesday.
Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Shorts created on Monday or last week may be covered depending on the technical situation. This is because Sun Venus conjunction could slow down the selling, lead to short covering and provide another opportunity for shorting again, later in the week, possibly on Wednesday..  
June 06 2012-Wednesday
Moon is in Capricorn.
Moon conjuncts Pluto and leads to a release of heavy negative energy again of the Uranus Pluto square aspect.
Moon trines Mars.
Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Decline may continue although slightly slower. May see ups and downs.
June 07 2012-Thursday
.Moon is in Capricorn. Mercury is about to move into Cancer.
Moon is square Saturn when the market opens. Thereafter Mercury is some 30 degrees away Jupiter trines Moon, Major aspects are absent today.
Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Expect to begin lower and then subsequently improve. May provide a bounce back reaction to the fall.
June 08, 2012-Friday
Moon moves into Aquarius and Mercury moves into Cancer. Early next week it will come opposite Pluto and expect all hell to break lose then.
Sun opposes Mars
Uranus-Pluto square
Neptune squares Rahu and Ketu. Will be exact by August 05, 2012
Sun Mars opposition also gives a correlation to a low of intermediate cycles, within 7 trading days. Overall it will be a negative week but significant lows such as 4758 may not be breached. Staying short or selling on every rise is the mantra. Next week looks more ominous and within the next two weeks or month end, December low of 4531 looks in terrible danger of being breached.


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