Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals week beginning April 23, 2012

Lunar Events of the week:  (Zero Ayanamsa)
1. Moon reaches the highest Northern Declination on April 25, 2012 and reverses direction southwards.
2. Moon intersects Jupiter`s declination on Friday, April 27, 2012, during its southern journey.
3.Moon`s True Nodes turn direct on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 and will remain in direct motion till Sunday, April 29, 2012.
4. Moon reaches its Apogee position on April 22, 2012. This is a reversal sign from the low of last Friday.
5. Moon is in Taurus on April 23, 2012, in Gemini on April 24 & 25 and in Cancer, on 26th and 27th.
Other Planetary Events of the Week:
The slower but potent astrological aspects which continue to draw attention happen to be the oncoming square aspects between Mars, Rahu and Ketu. This square will be exact on May 02, 2012.Meanwhile the negative QC aspect between Uranus and Mars also will be exact by May 08, 2012.  The next major astro signature is Venus retrograde, on May 15, 2012.Rahu dasa, Ketu Bhukthi, Venus Antara and Jupiter Sookshma ends on April 24, 2012. Next is Saturn Sookshma, which will end on May 05, 2012.This is expected to be better than Jupiter Sookshma.
·         Sun having moved into steady and stable Taurus, on April 19, 2012, continues to imbibe Taurean qualities.
·         On April 23, 2012, at 09.15 am, Uranus and Mercury are powerfully conjunct in Aries and Rahu forms a trine with both of them. Neptune trines Sun. At 15.30 hrs, Sun in Taurus, is conjunct (approaching exact conjunct) with Mars, in Virgo. Venus squares the Ascendant towards close of the markets. As per KP, Moon is in Karthika star and Sun is in Aswini. Ascendant is in Leo Amsa and Sun is in Gemini Amsa- 11 th to the Ascendant. This is also the first trading day after the New Moon on Saturday. The markets may open positive and show a slight fall from the highs on Monday.
·         On April 24, 2012, at 09.15 am, Sun is still trine Mars, but has started moving away from the trinal exact point.  Moon emerges from a square position with Mars. At 12.40.12. pm Moon conjuncts Ketu in Gemini. True Nodes turn direct today. As per KP, Moon is in Rohini, in the sub of Mars. Ascendant is in Virgo Navamsa and Moon along-with Ketu is in Aries, eighth position from the Ascendant. Nifty may open positive and soon end in negative territory today.
·         On April 25, 09.15 am, Rahu in Sagittarius, squares Sun in Taurus. Mercury begins to square Pluto. Venus conjunct Moon at the opening. Mars Rahu square gets closer than one degree (They are 90.84 deg apart, in fact).By 15.30 hrs. Mercury forms a positive biquintile aspect with Mars. Jupiter is trine the Ascendant whereas Venus is square. As per KP, Moon is in Rohini till 09.38 am and then moves into Mrigasira, ruled by Mars. With Mars in a negative aspect with the nodes, this looks like another negative day. However since Mars, Moon and Venus are in Cancer Amsa, to the 11th in Virgo, markets may recover towards the end, yet still be negative.
·         By April 26, 09.15 am, Moon is void of course and by 09.45 am, Moon moves into Cancer. And by 16.38 forms the first aspect in Cancer- which is a trine with Neptune. As per KP, Moon is in Mars star and Mars is in Ketu star. Also Mars has its Amsa at the 11th position from the Ascendant. Maybe the market will start flat and improve towards the end.
By April 27, 2012, 09.15 am, Moon forms a square aspect with Mercury. Moon also opposes Pluto. By 15.30 hrs, Pluto and Sun would begin their trine formation. As per KP, Moon is in Thiru Aadhira, ruled by Rahu. Rahu is in Saturn star and in Libra Amsa, the second from Virgo, Ascendant Amsa house. Nifty could go down first and then turn green.                                                                                 Technically, The second phase of the 4 year cycle had begun in earnest on December 20, 2011. First weekly cycle of 18 weeks is over and we are in the beginning of the second cycle.Because of some negative planetary overhangs, such as Mars Rahu square and Venus turning retrograde by mid May, this cyxle may take off a little slowly, but steadily.                                                                                                     


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Looks like The Venus Antara Sooskhma at play for Monday Tuesday? :) ...

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Hatrick :)