Monday, April 30, 2012

Effect of Venus Antara- Saturn Sookshma, on Nifty

From April 24,2012 23.0.20 hrs to May 05,2012,20-41-44hrs, Nifty will be having Rahu Dasa,Ketu Bhukthi,Venus Antara and Saturn Sookshma. How did Nifty react during similar Antara-Sookshma period in the past? Here is an analysis:Let us look at 2003,2005,2008 and 2012, before understanding what can happen in 2012.

 Among the dasa lords, Sookshma lord Saturn is in 2nd, but retrograde.Antara lord Venus is in 5th.And Rahu is in seventh. None of the dasa lords are in great improving or reducing positions.Hence the trend is confused, but initially with an upward bias.

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