Monday, April 30, 2012

Current Sookshma period for Nifty

Nifty futures is currently in Rahu Dasa-Ketu Bhukthi-Venus Antara-Saturn Sookshma, from April 24 to May 05, 2012.Based on past history and current planetary combinations what can be a probable outcome, in the near future?
We are in the time band for a weekly cycle low.The current week beginning April 30, 2012, is the 19th week from December low.The cycles have been in the periodicity of 14 to 19 so far.We may logically expect a low to be formed any time now.How would we know the low is in? When the recent top for the week of April 20, which is 5342 is taken out decisively, we will know.
Astrologically, the only powerful aspect in vogue, is the Mars- Rahu- Ketu square, which will be exact on May 01,2012, around 1.50 pm.So this corresponds with the low formation requirement.First quarter Moon was on April 29.Moon also will cross the Equator on May 02.So maybe Nifty will fall quickly in a couple of sessions to 5135 or 5080 ( 61.8% retracement of the rise from 4531) and reverse back upwards later in the week, especially the latter half of the week, with a particular preference for Friday. Since the current Bhukthi lord Ketu has only a short dasa duration, his antara periods also will be small.Interestingly the Antara period of Venus ends on May 17, 2012. In the same time band, Venus is turning retro.Sun will conjunct Jupiter.We also have a partial solar eclipse around May 20.So that mid month period is going to be very critical.    

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