Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nifty in the New Year 2012

When Sun crosses into Aries, at 17.00.30 hrs, on April 13, 2012, this is how the sky was looking like.
The Ascendant rising in the east is Uthram, in Virgo. The sign is  ruled by Mercury and the star Uthram is ruled by  Sun.Amazingly, Moon also is another star ruled by Sun, which is Uthradam, in Capricorn.So Sun is going to have a great say in the way Nifty moves, this year. All aspects made by the Sun may have strong effects this year ( April 2012 to April' 13.). 
Ascendant sign Lord Mercury is in the sixth house ruled by Jupiter. Both Mercury and Jupiter represent dual signs.Mercury is also closely aspecting the Ascendant. Mercury is placed in Poorataathi star, ruled by Jupiter.Jupiter rules the principles of exaggeration. So we may expect exaggerated moves to both sides in the Nifty, this year.Volatility could be very high this year.Uranus in  Pisces, in the star of Saturn could be one reason. In fact by April 2013, both Uranus and Saturn are in a big negative lock.Ascendant lord Mercury is in Pisces, which is its debilitation sign. That shows the Ascendant has less than moderate strength and could affect Nifty movements negatively, that is supporting more bearishness this year.Mercury is also the tenth lord, ruling Gemini. That he is weak and that Sun is more prominent this year means that Nifty may move mostly on the steps taken or not taken by the Government rather than economic fundamentals.
Eleventh lord Moon is in the exact opposite-the fourth. And Moon is in a square aspect to Sun.This also implies bearishness in the coming year.
Second and Ninth lord Venus is afflicted by the Nodes, Ketu and Rahu.Venus is also in a negative aspect with Pluto.So Indian rupee could come under pressure because of external debt issues and that may influence Nifty movements.However the ninth lord Venus,strongly placed in her own house,Taurus is a positive development.So look to Venus when she moves into favorable houses or makes favorable aspects. Especially in November when Jupiter trines Venus, in September, when Uranus trines Venus and again in February when   Venus trines Jupiter.One another positive is Moon trine Mercury which again implies that news flows will affect Nifty more than normal, this year.This makes for more volatility for all kinds of traders.With Saturn forming a negative aspect with Mercury, negative news will have a more pronounced effect in the coming months.
Specifically Mars squaring  the Nodes,and Uranus squaring Pluto in July could be bigger negatives.

All in all, this year appears to belong to Bears mostly.With an Aquarian Neptune and a Jupiter moving into Taurus later this year, we might have some considerable upsides as well.
A very Happy New Year to one and all.

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