Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2012 begins with a truncated week

Markets are functioning only on April 02,03 and 04 th.
Lunar effects for first fortnight of April 2012.
Lunar declinations:
April 05: Moon crosses the equator North to South
April 17/18---Extreme south declination.
Full Moon and Perigee only on April 06,Saturday.
True Nodes become direct on April 10 to April 13, 2012 ( Tuesday to Friday)
So the Moon effect on Nifty will be visible only next week. 

Aspects in Market time today:
Moon quincunx Pluto 09 .00 am. Aspect already over and separating.
Ascendant activates the Mars Rahu ketu square at 09.43 am.
So Nifty may look to decline a little initially.
Sun trine Moon at 13.41 hrs.
This could create an upmove till about 14.48 hrs.
Moon square Jupiter 14.48 hrs
Nifty may decide to move down in the later session.
Mercury forms minor positive aspects with sun mars and ketu.
Moon bi quintile (positive) Pluto at 03.30 pm.
Short covering may be seen towards the closing.
No major reversals seen in the truncated week. Celestial actions seem to be reserved for next week.

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